Will you have to compromise when tailoring business software to your needs?

Will you have to compromise when tailoring business software to your needs?

I came across the term “best of breed” a while back in relation to computer software for enterprises. It got me thinking of how some of the companies we have dealt with here at Hybrid TP might not have suited going down the road of dealing with the best in its class solution. 

The term “best of breed” is often used to describe the best piece of software in its class in a particular market, for instance Microsoft Excel would be considered “best of breed” as a spreadsheet software. Whilst ERP’s provide holistic Business Management Software, the “best of breed” software excels in that one specific area. One would be forgiven for thinking that a company just needs to buy the particular “best of breed” solution when looking for the best software in its class. This distinction applies mainly to large-scale enterprises where the cost of buying the correct software is a huge concern. The smaller company however has a little advantage over their larger counterparts as does the software company who develops the ERP / Business Management Software.

Herbst Insight Tailors to your needs
Herbst Insight

What is the advantage I hear you ask? Well quite simply it is the ability for a small enterprise to use the all-encompassing aspect on an ERP with the ability to tailor specifically to that one unique aspect of their business without costing an arm and a leg. It is perfectly suited to the enterprise that is beginning to experience a growth in productivity and wants to be able to streamline its business processes as it begins to grow. This also mirrors the software companies who provide the business software. For example, our partners, Herbst Software have a unique place within the Irish business software community by being………………Irish.

Herbst Insight Tailors to your needs - Agri
Herbst Software’s origins lay in the agri feed business.

This allows them to react and change to the specific needs of Irish SME. Although founded 25 years ago by a German national, its origins began in providing business software to farmers from their farm in Kilcoole, Wicklow. Their Insight software has been used to great effect by the growing Agri foods industries who may be a bit too small for the multinational software vendors (mainly cost prohibitive) or in some cases, a reversion back to Herbst because the multi national’s software could not cover their specific requirements. It is with this in mind that companies with a particular compliance issue in Ireland should take note. If your particular business is one where traceability is a requirement for a government body then a solution like Herbst Insight might just be the ideally suited (pun intended)…instead of a one fits all like its bigger ERP rivals.

ROM1 is the Revenue Commissioners attempt to curb the illegal laundering of agricultural diesel.
ROM1 is the Revenue Commissioners attempt to curb the illegal laundering of agricultural diesel.

One example of this traceability requirement, that was completely covered by Herbst Insight ,was the Return of Oil Movements (ROM1) reports requested by the Revenue Commissioners from Oil Distribution companies. The return requires mandatory filing by all authorised warehousekeepers, distributors and forecourt retailers in respect of each Licence held on a monthly basis. This required a lot of extra work paperwork for the Oil Distribution companies in order to be compliant. The ability to automate this feature is an example of  how a smaller local software company can adapt an ERP to solve a particular problem that could be overlooked in the grand scale of things by the bigger ERP producers.
If you think your company may benefit from the uniquely Irish approach to business management software the Herbst Insight offers then feel free to contact us and will see if it can work better for you.

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Stephen Hughes.