Why Choose Cloud Computing ?

Why Choose Cloud Computing ?

Cloud-ComputingCloud computing in its broadest definition is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.

Instead of using your computer or servers hard drives, the storing and accessing of your data and programs now take place over the internet. The key concept behind cloud computing is in allowing you to store information and run applications from a remote internet accessible location which in most cases is a large secure server farm.
The cloud computing model brings with it some very distinct advantages and offers benefits including smarter working, reduced costs, increased security and reliability and increased productivity. Here is a breakdown of some of cloud computing’s key advantages.

Reduced Cost

One of the biggest benefits of using cloud computing to run your business software is the reduction in operating costs. The upkeep, powering, and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, as well as paying for expensive software licences, are no longer needed as they are now replaced by the cloud service. Most cloud computing services offer a fixed monthly pay as you go service which includes software licences and maintenance costs.


With a cloud computing platform you pay for the resources that you need when you need it. As your company grows you just pay for the extra resources in your monthly fee. With this scalability you’ll always get the full benefit of the cloud service with no loss in performance thus saving on the purchase or upgrading of your in house IT infrastructure.


With a traditional IT system as your business grows, you’ll need a growth in your resources to match. The storage space, the bandwidth, and server will all need updating. While the on premise systems will take a longer time to overhaul or replace, you can do anything to your cloud infrastructure in moments.


One of the greatest benefits of using a cloud computing service in allowing users to work from remote locations. Because the cloud service is network based you can access your business data and applications from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.


Cloud computing services are hosted in highly secure data farms that are built with high redundancy and security offering uptimes that are better than if the service was hosted locally. Cloud servers probably hold the best stability / cost ratio performance. They do not suffer from the usual server hardware problems and they have all the benefits cloud computing.
The uptake of cloud computing services has increased dramatically over the past few years with many SME’s using cloud computing services either directly (e.g Google Apps) or indirectly (e.g Twitter) in their daily business activity. The market was already generating €89 billion a year back in 2012 and it is estimated it could be higher than €240 billion by the year 2020.
Here at Hybrid Technology Partners we have seen this increase in cloud computing first hand with many of our clients using a cloud computing service in some shape or fashion. If you would like to talk further about the benefits of moving to a cloud based solution or indeed if you would like to have a cost comparison done between your existing IT setup vs moving to the cloud, then feel free to call us here at 061-211444 or 1800-911000.