What are the qualities you look for in a managed service provider? – Key Questions to Ask Your Managed Services Provider

What are the qualities you look for in a managed service provider?

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Can your ICT manage the latest in Cloud Technology?

I came across the article recently whilst doing a search for keywords associated with managed services. It’s written for The Irish Times by Edna Doyle, who was then leading from Fixed line telecoms provider to fully Integrated ICT Managed Services Provider for Eircom Business. Contained are 4 questions that any business owner should ask their managed service provider. With over 19 years in delivering this service to clients, we answer them all to your satisfaction.
Key questions to ask your managed services provider
When considering a managed services operating model, here are key aspects you should consider:

  1. Can the service provider deliver combined multi-vendor, multi-technology expertise for networking, compute, storage and application solutions?
  2. Can the service provider deal with multiple operating models for IT infrastructure provision – on-premise solutions, hosted and collocation solutions, private cloud (virtual machines), public cloud (internet)?
  3. Can the service provider manage the full life-cycle associated with ICT solutions?  Service provision is not about having someone available to phone you on a 24 hour basis to tell you when something has gone wrong. It’s about understanding your business and building a fit-for-purpose solution that proactively supports your business objectives.
  4. Are the services based on a portfolio of services that are core to the business of the Service Provider? Any IT expert can design and roll out a solution, but if it’s a unique one-off solution, it can not be properly industrialised to allow for ongoing management and evolution of the ICT environment as your business grows. The Managed Service Provider should have a service catalogue that’s relevant to the business solution you are procuring.

    Hybrid Technology Partners, Your Managed IT Provider
    Can your managed service provider complete the project?

HTP have a fully comprehensive solution for managing your IT services to improve the overall performance of your enterprise and give you peace of mind. We take the pain out of dealing with multiple vendors, we always up to speed with the latest developments in ICT services and we can mange the full life cycle to ensure the client, you get the service you demanded. At HTP our main managed services include;

  • Onsite & Remote Support
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Service Contracts
  • Virtualisation
  • Data back-up and recovery
  • Corporate Filtering

If you have any further questions or would like to ask us one or all of the four mentioned above feel free to contact us here at 1800 911 000 and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Taken from the article Four Questions to ask your IT managed services partner