Ways that your Local Enterprise Office Grants can help fund IT improvements

At Hybrid TP, we know the last year has been a worrying and stressful time for many businesses. We’d like to take away some of that stress by letting you know some of the options available out there if you want or need to update your IT services at the moment.

Local Enterprise Office
Local Enterprise Office Supports

Did you know that your Local Enterprise Office (LEO) offers a range of grants and supports to businesses – whether you’re starting out, or ready to grow the business?

That’s where we come in, too – you can use some of the grants available through the LEOs for IT support.

From IT consultancy to software development to ERP systems, we offer a range of services. Whether your business has just got online for the first time or you need to upgrade your IT systems to deal with remote working, we’ve got you covered. You can read more about our services here.

Here are some the grants and supports available through the LEOs:

Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Has your business had to move online due to Covid-19? Are you struggling with the switch?

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme helps small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets. There is up to €2,500 available through the Local Enterprise Offices with co-funding of 50% from the business.

Funding can be used towards adding payment facilities or booking systems to your website or developing new apps for your customers. The voucher can also be used towards subscriptions to low cost online retail platform solutions, to help companies quickly establish a retailing presence online.

Eligibility checklist:
  • Be trading for at least six months
  • Have 10 employees or less
  • Limited or no e-commerce presence;
  • Need to establish a retailing presence online in a hurry
  • Attend a trading online seminar at your Local Enterprise Office

Get in touch with Hybrid TP today to learn how we can help improve your businesses online presence.

The Business Priming Grant and The Business Expansion Grant

A Priming Grant is a business start-up grant, available to micro enterprises within the first 18 months of start-up.

The Business Expansion grant is designed to assist the business in its growth phase after the initial 18-month start-up period.

Priming and Expansion grants may be available for sole traders, partnerships or limited companies that fulfil the following criteria:

• Located and operating within the LEO’s geographic area
• A business which on growth will fit the Enterprise Ireland portfolio
• A business employing up to 10 employees
• A manufacturing or internationally traded services business
• A domestically traded service business with the potential to trade internationally
• Need for money and having regard to deadweight and displacement
• Eligible clients may be awarded a Priming Grant within the first eighteen months of setting up the business.

The use for the grant may be considered under the following headings:
  • Capital items
  • Salary costs
  • Consultancy/Innovation/Marketing costs
  • General overhead costs

You can read the full terms and conditions on the Local Enterprise website for the Priming Grant here and the Expansion Grant here.

And where do Hybrid TP fit in under this? Maybe you need to overhaul your IT systems to match the growth and expansion in your business, perhaps you’re thinking of implementing an ERP system to manage your business processes or maybe you feel you need someone to take over the management of your IT so you can focus on what’s most important- managing and growing your business.

You can find a full list of government supports for SME’s here.