Wattics Sentinel and Messenger Dashboard – Energy Management Software

WATTICS-LOGO-BEST-EMERGING-COMPANY3Wattics founded by Dr Antonio Ruzzelli, Anthony Schoofs and Alex Sintoni as a spin-out from UCD’s School of Computer Science and Informatics and the CLARITY Centre for Web Sensor Technologies. The were named Best Emerging Company in the 2012 InterTrade Ireland Seedcorn Competition. Their mission statement on their website probably best sums up their innovative approach to Energy Managment….

to assist businesses in understanding their energy consumption. We are dedicated to supporting resource conservation and creating unique energy-saving solutions for each of our customers to considerably reduce their energy and environmental costs “

Wattics clever metering has created and commercialised a revolutionary software solution that tracks, manages and  benchmarks the cost of electrical machines and appliances in industrial and commercial sites directly from the mains.
Conventional systems require dedicated metering hardware per appliance to monitor electrical machines incurring high cost and cumbersome installations.
” sentinel software continuously analyses the unique consumption of your organisation in the search of energy saving opportunities and signs of failure. Inefficient energy use will not go unnoticed anymore “
The key innovation is that Wattics software just requires one meter at the mains to dissemble the total power by appliance or inner sections of the manufacturing process.wattEnterprise-overview
The Wattics energy management uniquely identifies appliance electrical signatures directly from the mains, tracks each unit’s consumption and highlights appliance/machines specific cost saving opportunities in real-time to the customer.
If you are interested in talking about energy management then feel free to contact us at info@hybridtp.ie or call us on 061 211 444 or at 01 5310030.
Stephen Hughes