Kiosks on the Factory Floor – Reduce Cost of Business, Increase Productivity.

Kiosks on the Factory Floor – Reduce Cost of Business, Increase Productivity

Herbst Insight: KiosksTouch screen interfaces like Kiosks are becoming more ubiquitous in the workplace as companies strive to streamline work processes while at the same time creating a good working environment.
Herbst have developed a uniquely Irish solution using a very simple touchscreen interface for general workers. Designed to be used by workers on the factory floor its uses and application are plentiful. It can delegate, facilitate, control or report business procedures which occur in the warehouse, weighbridge or on the factory floor. The most important aspect of this innovative idea is its complete integration with the back office leading to a drastic reduction in paperwork and administration.
Here are some key features of using a kiosk touch screen interface for you business;

1. Improve Procedures

Kiosks provide the workforce with detailed information such as product pricing, availability etc. These kiosks help save and improve efficiency by simplifying manual data entry tasks to just a few screen touches.
2. Increase Productivity
By placing kiosks at strategic locations, say the main distribution hub of your business, the speed at which goods received, dispatched, or tracked, can be simplified down to a few button presses. For example, a kiosk on your manufacturing floor could be setup to create a picking list for job or display reports of the latest batches. This all comes with full integration with the back office reducing time and paperwork
3. Reduce the cost of business
A company using a retail kiosk strategy is able to offer more services at a lower cost. By streamlining the a particular processes it free up time spent on particularly time consuming tasks and allows for certain roles to be delegated or scrapped completely.
4. Gain efficiency through diverse applications
In addition to streamlining, the kiosks are very expandable and can be tempered to various roles and procedures in the business. It is just a matter of identifying the need and having the foresight to see its benefit.
5. Boosts employee morale and increase job satisfaction
Using a piece of technology that streamlines a worker’s process¬†reduces what was once a cumbersome or pedantic task leads to an easier job all round.
The use of kiosk can be the key to generating increased revenue whilst improving employee satisfaction. These kiosks can be a very cost-effective method to expedite the growth of any SME.
Companies all over the country have used Herbst Insight, our software partner, to grow their business. Their Kiosk is just one of the many features of this innovative Business Management Software solution. If you would like to find out more about how an integrated software solution can help your business, then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 061-211444 or 1800-911000.

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