Block popup ads, Declutter Facebook & Keep your privacy with Ad Blocker Plus

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If you’ve never used Ad Blocker Plus before then this is a must read.

Not only will it block ads on all sites (that you want it too) it also declutters your favourite social media site and stops sites from tracking you through your web browser. Make pop ups a thing of the past and have a read. Its an extension that works within your browser and can easily be turned off at the click of a button. The use of extensions within your browser maybe news to some of you will to others its become an  indispensable part of their browsing habit. There are many out there but as a recommendation I would choose how many you install carefully. Adding too many can cause the browser to slowdown.
Lifehacker Article

For a more in-depth analysis of some of the ad blockers out there, take a look at a very comprehensive list of 15 of the best ad blockers out