The importance of Updating your Windows Operating Systems with Automatic Updates!

The importance of Updating your Windows Operating Systems
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Microsoft just fixed a 19 year old bug in its code that allowed it to be controlled remotely. The past few days have seen a flurry of activity across a large number of Windows platforms with patches being rolled out behind the scenes.
The flaw was discovered by a research team at IBM and found it to be present on every version of Windows since Windows 95. Now that this vulnerability has been revealed its time to make sure you protected.
The user whose computer has been correctly configured to apply the patches and security fixes has nothing to worry about but how many users of Windows operating systems haven’t this most basic of security features turned on. If your computer is on a LAN administered by your IT department them chances are they are well aware of the problem and apply fixes and patches to your pc remotely. If, on the other hand you’re unsure of how your security is looked after then it may be time to find out and make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of whatever operating system your running.
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