The features of Priority’s ERP Software

Priority Software provides real-time access to business data and insights in the cloud, in the office and on the go. Priority ERP features all of the core elements of ERP but with a modern feel.

We work with Priority because their software allows you to control and manage the entire organisation from your front desk and finance right through to the shop floor and warehouse. Priority can integrate with Apple, Google and MS-Office tools, making it accessible for all.

Priority ERP

So, what kind of functionalities and features does Priority software have?

  • Manufacturing

Priority software offers comprehensive production management control from the shop floor to the end customer. Your entire supply chain is supported allowing your business to increase efficiency and save time and money.


  • CRM & Sales

Featuring a full customer lifecycle management system you can manage your marketing and sales pipelines to ensure you’re not missing a single lead!


  • Supply Chain Management

You will have the ability to manage everything from production and manufacturing control, inventory control to delivery scheduling and inter-company transactions. You will have full oversight of your supply chain.


  • Warehouse Management System

A fully integrated system for optimization, picking, shipping, barcode labelling and more!


  • Financials

Priority supports a variety of billing methods and can manage cash, cost control, budget control and generate financial statements.


  • Project Management

Facilitating team collaboration and tracking and managing customer projects are just some of the ways Priority Software can provide project management support.


  • HR & Employee Attendance

Priority looks after the full employee lifecycle from recruitment and hiring to attendance, payroll, shifts and schedules.


  • Customer Service

You’ll be able to manage service calls and tickets while also providing self-service tools, omni-channel support and more with Priority Software.


  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Giving you advanced business intelligence and analytics, Priority Software allows you to identify trends and plan ahead.


  • Business Process Management (BPM)

An interactive workflow mechanism offers your organisation maximum flexibility in planning, implementing and enforcing business processes.