Using a Web Portal to add Value to Your Services

Using a Web Portal to add Value to Your Services Have you ever thought of adding value to your services by empowering your customers with a web portal that’s branded with your logo and colours. Think of offering your customers a login to their own accounts where they can reprint […]

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Web Portal – Add Value to Your Services

With Christmas over and many companies experiencing a lull after a busy holiday season, its the perfect time for companies to take stock and review how their whole operation performed. It’s a chance to review how their overall business fared and address any areas of their business operations that could […]

Herbst Web Portal: 24/7 Online Self-Service

Have you ever thought about giving your customers 24/7 online self-service. With Herbst Insights, web portal module you can add value to your services from a customer’s perspective by allowing them to login to their own personalised account giving them the ability to reprint historical transactions, order new products, and […]