Do you have an adequate backup solution in place?

Do you have an adequate backup solution in place? One of the biggest problems we’ve encountered when taking on new clients is that after a careful review of their entire IT infrastructure, one of the glaring faults that stood out was the lack of an adequate backup solution. This left […]

Managing Your IT Infrastructure

Managing Your IT Infrastructure At Hybrid Technology Partners, we have witnessed many innovations and developments within the IT sector. One of the most interesting developments in recent years has been the creation of Managed IT Services that that looks after the day-to-day management and functions of your critical IT infrastructure. […]

DRaaS – A Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Platform

DRaaS – A Cloud Based Business Continuity Platform Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud based computing and backup service that replicates your existing applications and server infrastructure off-site in a datacentre. Disaster Recovery as a Service, is a category of cloud computing where cloud computing is used for […]

Advantages of a Proactive Managed IT Service

Advantages of a Proactive Managed IT Service There is a period experienced by growing companies where their IT systems become an integral part of their daily operations and any downtime can seriously affect their productivity. In this scenario the traditional reactive approach to their IT problems can be found lacking […]

Product of the Week – Soonr Workplace

Product of the Week – Soonr Workplace Soonr Workplace is an on-line file sharing and collaboration service that allows project teams in a business work, collaborate and share files on multiple devices without compromising the security of the business content being used. Soonr Workplace balances the ease of use desired […]

What advantages can leasing/Financing offer you? IT leasing

What advantages can leasing/Financing offer you? Today’s businesses are under enormous pressure to innovate in order to maintain their competitive edge. To meet this need, an ever greater number of enterprises are opting to lease the latest and best IT equipment: from telecommunications systems, to servers, to notebooks, to software. […]

Why Choose Cloud Computing ?

Why Choose Cloud Computing ? Cloud computing in its broadest definition is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Instead of using your computer or servers hard drives, the storing and accessing of your data and programs now take place over the internet. The key […]

10 Reasons to choose Soonr over Microsoft OneDrive!

If you are using Microsoft One Drive for file storage and collaboration then maybe you might want to think about some of these points. 10 Reasons Microsoft OneDrive is Not for Your Business and Soonr is !! If you have any Macs, OneDrive for Business simply won’t work! The Android […]