10 steps to preventing data breaches

10 Steps to Preventing Data Breaches

Navigating the Shadowy World of Data Breaches In an era where our lives are intertwined with technology, the dark specter of data breaches lurks around every digital corner. What is a data breach and how often does it occur? A data breach is an unauthorized access, disclosure, or acquisition of […]

Let’s tackle phishing: Spear Phishing

Are you aware that “Phishing” is the predominant type of cyber-crime? Studies reveal that cyber-criminals send more than 3 billion scam emails every day. It’s alarming to consider that this nearly equates to half the world’s population! Phishing is a cyber-attack where criminals trick you into revealing sensitive information through […]

What are the benefits of integrating your business software?

What are the benefits of integrating your business software? In the beginning many companies, and in this case engineering and manufacturing companies, start their lives with different sets of business software to manage each aspect of their business. The accounts package, office productivity applications, email, CRM/Sales, databases and spreadsheets are […]

The Advantages of Using a Cloud Solution

Cloud-based Email Server – The Advantages of Using a Cloud Solution:  From its early origin in the large Industrial, scholastic and military complexes of the United States, email has become an integral part of business life. It would leave one to wonder what we did without it, and there are […]

What Is Virtualization, what are its benefits and how can I get the solution

One of the most important developments in recent years has been the development of virtualization technology. So what exactly is virtualization and what are its benefits to you. Virtualization allows multiple instances of the software (Your operating system, for example) in a self-contained “Virtual”environment using the hardware resources of one computer (a server). […]

Do you dream of a paperless solution that will boost sales?

Do you dream of a paperless solution that will boost sales?     The purpose of this blog is to explain the advantages of bespoke software development and to be precise, how it can help your business become more efficient and become a paperless solution. Software development is the foundation […]

[Product of the Week] The Mobile Computer Cart from Vision ID

  VisionID has been delivering Mobile Computing, Identification and barcoding solutions to industries throughout Ireland from its bases in Clonmel and Limerick for the past 14 years. Their business naturally overlaps with some of Hybrid TP’s solutions from time to time and it was during a recent meeting with Sales […]