What Is Virtualization, what are its benefits and how can I get the solution

One of the most important developments in recent years has been the development of virtualization technology. So what exactly is virtualization and what are its benefits to you. Virtualization allows multiple instances of the software (Your operating system, for example) in a self-contained “Virtual”environment using the hardware resources of one computer (a server). […]

Do you dream of a paperless solution that will boost sales?

Do you dream of a paperless solution that will boost sales?     The purpose of this blog is to explain the advantages of bespoke software development and to be precise, how it can help your business become more efficient and become a paperless solution. Software development is the foundation […]

[Product of the Week] The Mobile Computer Cart from Vision ID

  VisionID has been delivering Mobile Computing, Identification and barcoding solutions to industries throughout Ireland from its bases in Clonmel and Limerick for the past 14 years. Their business naturally overlaps with some of Hybrid TP’s solutions from time to time and it was during a recent meeting with Sales […]

[IT Security] One in 5 firms Hit by Data Breaches This Year

According to the business section in the Irish Independent last week, one in five firms were hit by data breaches. The claim was announced at a conference on cyber security in Dublin. High profile data breaches are now becoming the norm and its impact on your business continuity and reputation […]

Microsoft Office 365 – New Customers get free deployment help

When Microsoft Office was first offered to the public in early 2011 in the face of growing competition from similar services like Google Apps. Microsoft banked on enticing its already existing software customers into its open cloud solution. The cloud based business productivity service has gone from strength to strength […]

DCIM -Forging a Bridge Between IT & Infrastructure

The term Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a new set of solutions that manages the physical IT infrastructure of your enterprise.  They were created to give the IT or Facilities manager, a platform where information of all the physical assets and resources being used in running the entire IT […]

[Product of the Week] Asus T100 Transformer Tablet

“An excellent solution for the out of office business person or the student looking for Windows 8 compatible software” I came across (Asus T100 Transformer) this unique piece of hardware recently. A client had asked me to find a tablet device that could give the features of a modern fully […]