Data Centre

Rittal and Microsoft – Making it Easier for IT Managers to Save Power

Nowadays, almost all business processes are IT-assisted. The retail, financial, tourism and entertainment sectors would be unimaginable without online services. Countless servers in ever-growing numbers of data centres make it possible for such applications to function. So not only is the number of data centres growing, but also their level […]

Herbst: What are the benefits of integrating your business software?

What are the benefits of integrating your business software?

In the beginning many companies, and in this case engineering and manufacturing companies, start their lives with different sets of business software to manage each aspect of their business. The accounts package, office productivity applications, email, CRM/Sales, databases and spreadsheets are the staple diet of these enterprises. In the beginning, […]

Benefits of virtualization

What Is Virtualization, what are its benefits and how can I get the solution

One of the most important developments in recent years has been the development of virtualization technology. So what exactly is virtualization and what are its benefits to you. Virtualization allows multiple instances of the software (Your operating system, for example) in a self-contained “Virtual”environment using the hardware resources of one computer (a server). […]

The Mobile Computer Cart from Vision ID

[Product of the Week] The Mobile Computer Cart from Vision ID

  VisionID has been delivering Mobile Computing, Identification and barcoding solutions to industries throughout Ireland from its bases in Clonmel and Limerick for the past 14 years. Their business naturally overlaps with some of Hybrid TP’s solutions from time to time and it was during a recent meeting with Sales […]