10 steps to preventing data breaches

10 Steps to Preventing Data Breaches

Navigating the Shadowy World of Data Breaches In an era where our lives are intertwined with technology, the dark specter of data breaches lurks around every digital corner. What is a data breach and how often does it occur? A data breach is an unauthorized access, disclosure, or acquisition of […]

Unleash Your Business Potential with High Spec Machines

Today we’re diving into the world of high spec machines. Get ready to explore how these powerhouses can revolutionize your business, along with some prime examples that could be your ticket to success. When equipped with lower specifications, machines may be sufficient for routine tasks, but they stumble when faced […]

Hybrid Technology Partners - Testimonial

DGD Shredding Testimonial – IT Services

Hybrid Technology Partners and DGD Shredding have been in partnership for more than 10 years and it’s a relationship we value greatly. Watch their testimonial here: DGD Shredding provides shredding and destruction services for paper, products and data throughout the whole of Ireland, on and off site. With their growth over […]

Data Protection


Have you ever received an email from a colleague that looks a little “off”? Were they asking you to download a suspicious file? On closer inspection, you might have realised the email hasn’t been sent from their email address at all. Hopefully you didn’t download the file because you were […]

IT Support Services – Choosing your Ally

IT Support Services – Choosing your Ally Do you choose an IT company with having a lasting relationship in mind? We as an IT services company get to know your business and work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology. We offer not only IT […]

Advantages of a Proactive Managed IT Service

Advantages of a Proactive Managed IT Service There is a period experienced by growing companies where their IT systems become an integral part of their daily operations and any downtime can seriously affect their productivity. In this scenario the traditional reactive approach to their IT problems can be found lacking […]

Product of the Week – Soonr Workplace

Product of the Week – Soonr Workplace Soonr Workplace is an on-line file sharing and collaboration service that allows project teams in a business work, collaborate and share files on multiple devices without compromising the security of the business content being used. Soonr Workplace balances the ease of use desired […]

Handheld Remote Roaming

Handheld Remote Roaming We have been partners with Herbst Software for a number of years now. We have led, with great success, the implementation of their Business Management software system, Herbst Insight, in many companies all over Ireland. Herbst Insight has many strong features, which I have discussed before. However, […]

How Virtualization Helps Your Business

How Virtualization Helps Your Business   In computing terms, virtualization is the process of creating virtual instances of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources. A software technology that allows one piece of hardware run on multiple instances of software systems. In short, […]