Cyber Security Made Simple

Cyber Security Made Simple Unless you are a person involved in IT, you most likely think of it in one of two ways: a) A load of rubbish or b) scared of what it’s all about! Remember, no one is safe from cyber security attacks, just like a theft on […]

Storage Solutions: NAS, Server, or Cloud?

  This article is aimed at the small office scenario common to most small businesses and professional setups. I’m assuming that there are a few computers on the network, if there is a network, and these are being used for maybe accounting software, office applications and perhaps software unique to […]

[IT Security] One in 5 firms Hit by Data Breaches This Year

According to the business section in the Irish Independent last week, one in five firms were hit by data breaches. The claim was announced at a conference on cyber security in Dublin. High profile data breaches are now becoming the norm and its impact on your business continuity and reputation […]