Software Development – 5 Advantages of Developing Your Own Software

Hybrid Technology Partners - Software DevelopmentDeveloping your own software can be a daunting proposition. In our experience in dealing with clients looking for a particular software solution, the off the shelf software application was the only solution they considered. This was understandable given the unknown nature of developing their own bespoke solution.

Costs, however, can be very deceptive. The off the shelf software may also come with many hidden costs and hindrances. There are many hidden factors to consider, the installation and configuration, data import, customisation of reports and the time needed to retrain staff. Bespoke software in many cases can actually cost less. Initially, it may be a larger investment but over time, the payback of having your own custom solution is greater.

Bespoke software in many cases can actually cost less.

Here are some key advantages of having your own bespoke software,

  1. Bespoke software works the way your business works. It is specifically tailored for your business. You lay down the specifications and the requirements.
  2. Modifications and changes can easily be made. For example, a business who must adhere to a change in compliance within their market can easily modify their custom software as opposed to the inflexibility of an off the shelf software that cannot change to that particular need.
  3. By looking closely at your business practice, bespoke software can streamline your business processes taking advantage of the latest developments in software and technology. The elimination of repetitive tasks and integration of separate software systems increases productivity.
  4. Knowing who has created the bespoke software means that you can get the most focused support because they created what you use. Support for off the shelf software can sometimes be very frustrating if something goes awry.
  5. Some businesses still use legacy systems, which are crucial to the business. Bespoke software can be designed to support legacy systems and help them integrate with new technologies or software platforms.

We have over 14 years’ experience in the field of software development and have led projects for large multinationals, SMEs, and public bodies. We have the experience and the knowledge so give us a call if you’re interested in talking further about how bespoke software can make an impression on your business.
Stephen Hughes