SharePoint and the benefits to migrating

SharePoint benefits at Hybrid TP
SharePoint migration

SharePoint is a cloud-based platform developed by Microsoft that serves as a collaboration and content management system. It allows users to store, organize, and share documents, files, and other information within an organization.

SharePoint includes a range of features such as document libraries, lists, workflows, and team sites that can be customized to fit an organization’s specific needs.

We have implemented SharePoint with some of our clients and with great success! It’s not just a powerful search tool for finding files.

Our CFO, Sonya Browne, agrees: “A key benefit that I see to SharePoint is I work with a lot of clients, and I want them to have access to certain files or want them to update files as we need. Therefore, it’s a very strong tool when working on projects with people outside of your organization.”

So, what can you expect when migrating to SharePoint?


The benefits of migrating to SharePoint include:

  • Improved collaboration: SharePoint allows team members to collaborate on documents in real-time, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Centralized storage: SharePoint provides a centralized location for storing documents, reducing the risk of lost or duplicated files.
  • Access control: SharePoint allows organizations to set permissions and access levels for different users, ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure.
  • Workflow automation: SharePoint includes workflows that can automate tasks and streamline processes, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Search functionality: SharePoint has powerful search functionality that makes it easy to find and retrieve documents and other information.
  • Integration with other Microsoft tools: SharePoint integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Word, and Excel, making it easy to work with familiar tools.
  • Overall, migrating to SharePoint can help your organization improve collaboration, increase productivity, and streamline processes, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.


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