Sales Management

sales_management In any business having an effective sales management tool in place to manage your customer accounts is a vital in driving the business forward and keeping track of your customer and supplier accounts. Herbst Insight have created within its business management software, Herbst Insight, a sales management solution that gives easy access to relevant and factual information from any ledger to identify opportunities as and when the arise. Herbst Insights relationship and marketing module is much more than your standard CRM, its a marketing and account management tool created with the latest developments if software technology. This innovative software empowers your salesforce with access to relevant information and can automatically improve communications and collaboration between your sales team and the rest of your business.
Herbst insights give key features like,

  • Manage sales pipelines and ongoing correspondence effectively
  • Quote quickly and track the status of the quotation afterwards
  • Customise telesales interface for quick and easy order entry
  • Live dispatch details visible on customer accounts
  • Targeted marketing of new product lines
  • Group, classify and organise customers effectively
  • Store external files and contracts with customers
  • Create exception views to show lapsed sales
  • Instant access to stock availability and related information
  • Flexible and dynamic pricing systems.

This sales management feature is one of many innovative software modules developed to run the modern business. If you would like to talk further about Herbst Software’s business management software systems and how it can be so tailored to suit your specific business needs then feel free to contact us 061 211444 or 1800 911 000 and we’ll be happy to show you how Herbst Insight can make a difference to your business.

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