Roaming Office Solutions for Business Management Software

Roaming Office Solutions for Business Management Software


Handhelds for your Sales/Delivery Reps. Realtime integration with ERP
In a previous post relating to Business Management Software (BMS) and ERP, I have talked about the integration of third-party technologies into the business software systems as a whole. One solution we have direct experience in was the creation of a mobile application that allowed salespeople access their company’s database remotely.
This removed a recurring cost of commissioning on a yearly basis, expensive sales catalogues for the vast range of items. The salesperson now had the catalogue complete and updated on their mobile device. It could show sales accounts, margins, specials, previous orders, and stock quantities without the need for a constant data connection once the salesperson initially synchronizes to the company’s database at the start of business.
Herbst IRSM, is Herbst Insights ERP/ Business Management Software mobile application which ably shows how a mobile application can turn in to a roaming office solution. Using the GPRS technology, Herbst IRSM ensures you to gather all the information you need while you are on the move. Everything you can see about a customer’s information in your office, now can now be seen anywhere. Herbst IRSM allows these simple smart devices update your office accounts instantaneously eradicating a lot of the usual office paperwork. Another great BMS feature is the ability for head office to allocate orders to each device remotely. Orders can be signed and cash may be taken while automatically updating customer accounts. Managers, from their own workstations, can monitor the stock, cash and delivery status of all sales representatives and act accordingly. Transactions take place in real time and payments can be made through the smart device electronically. This can all be tracked live in the office¬†and can be validated as quickly as possible and confirming the order with less time wasted.
How It Works:

  • Orders taken by the sales representative directly and instantly presented and signed by the customer(s), at present location!
  • He can find live stock levels of products and respond to customers’ requests.
  • He then contacts delivery personnel to ship the goods out from warehouse/stock room by van or car, and issue a signed delivery docket.
  • He also could see the outstanding deliveries and converting them into invoices.
  • He then issue the customer a payment option. (A mobile printer can then print a copy of receipt to the customer)
  • At office, all the data is received directly into the accounts. Avoiding any paperwork.
  • Stock quantity is updated, eliminating traditional administration.
  • Allowing immediate control and access to information.
  • Debt collection. View outstanding age analysis, see all outstanding invoices and payments made, and make the correct response.

Integrating mobile applications with your Business Management Software can help you manage every aspect of your company, from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. I have written extensively in our blogs about the impact it can make on your business.
Herbst Insight ERP is a one-stop software system for all your business information requirements, including the modules specifically required for business. If you’re thinking of stepping up and would like to find out more about Business Management Software and its benefits then feel free to contact us at 1800 911 000 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Stephen Hughes