Rittal RiMatrix S – The Standardised Data Centers in a Box


Rittal RiMatrix S – The Standardised Datacenter in a Box

Last November we, in conjunction with Rittal, showcased the RiMatrix S standardised datacentre in a box at the South Court Hotel in Raheen. Rittals RiMatrix S is their all in one solution for datcentres and comms rooms. Its a self contained collection of Rittals innovative enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure products bundled together into a single platform with a single product code. This all in one modular solution was the first of its kind standardised mass produced datacentre that was only one item number. This innovative modular solution guaranteed fast planning, assembly, conversion and commissioning allowing for fast integration into an existing infrastructures.

Rittal Datacentre
The front facing racks for the servers. Note the KVM allowing easy access to the equipped DCIM software.

RiMatrix S opens up brand new perspectives for the IT world, and is the revolutionary alternative to individual data centre construction.

The RiMatrix S solution, including the standard room, is commissioned at your premises and tested in accordance with Rittals guidelines. The supply includes complete technical documentation of all components and works, together with the relevant user manuals. RiMatrix S is based on data centre modules with defined interfaces for power, cooling and monitoring, dimensions and functions. This considerably reduces the amount of planning work required:

Rittal Datacentre
RiMatrix S rear of the TSIT racks

These time and cost saving features include,

  •  Simple selection of the required modules
  • Fast integration into an existing supply infrastructure
  • Complete ROI calculation including planning expenditure, investments, operating costs, personnel and servicing
  • Defined parameters for scalability, availability, effi ciency and performance
  • Data centre automation through monitoring and controlling

RiMatrix S provides peace of mind, thanks to the reduced complexity involved.

  • Tested, quality-verified components
  • Defined, monitored production processes
  • Documented system test of the entire data centre

For you as the user, this translates into:

  • Low investment costs
  • Guaranteed PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) up to 1.15 dependent on environment
  • Tested characteristic curves and data sheets
  • Simplified approval procedures and final

Rittal Datacentre
This was a very impressive display and a solution and those who saw it could see its practical benefits in reducing the planning, implementation and build time. The turnkey solution with a standardised dimensions can be used in so many different scenarios.
If you have any questions or if you want some more information about Rittals RiMatris S then give us a call at 061-211444 or 1800-911000.