Rittal and Microsoft – Making it Easier for IT Managers to Save Power

Nowadays, almost all business processes are IT-assisted. The retail, financial, tourism and entertainment sectors would be unimaginable without online services. Countless servers in ever-growing numbers of data centres make it possible for such applications to function. So not only is the number of data centres growing, but also their level of utilisation. No wonder then that power consumption has increased tremendously over the last few years. Together, Rittal and Microsoft now want to make it easier for IT managers to save power.Datacentre

Rittal, a leading global provider of energy-efficient IT infrastructure, together with software manufacturer Microsoft are now involved in a partnership aimed at improving the amount of power saved in the data centre.
This is the first time that the monitoring of the IT infrastructure from the server enclosure, cooling, power distribution and supply have integrated with the monitoring of the server itself. The server load and climate control requirement can thus be coordinated flexibly with one another.
This is made possible by the interplay of RiZone – Rittal’s new management software for the IT infrastructure – with Microsoft’s System Centre Operations Manager (SCOM).
The software monitors and controls the cooling from chillers, computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) systems, liquid cooling packages and free cooling, power supply (UPS, power distribution, etc.), the energy consumption and other physical parameters such as temperature, access or security of a data centre.
The Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager monitors the performance of the server and provides an event display and event evaluations.
Rittal and Microsofts’ RiZone management pack, facilitates the sharing of data between IT infrastructure and servers.DCIM

“With the integration of RiZone and the System Centre Operations Manager in the data centre, customers can monitor the consumption of all their devices. We are also creating further added value for our customers, Companies will be able to save power immediately, and we are helping them to deal even more efficiently with their resources.”

Ralph Haupter, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft

RiZone is the consistent development of the overall infrastructure solution from RimatriX5 server enclosure, power supply, climate control, surveillance and monitoring. Previous monitoring solutions from Rittal had been limited to the infrastructure components. Rittal’s RiZone represents the first commercial software for monitoring data centres that has a significantly extended performance range. Rittal has chosen Hybrid Technology Partners to be their partner and to lead the installation of this DCIM solution to its new and existing clients. If you have any further question feel free to contact us here at 061-211444.
Stephen Hughes