BMS Purchasing Power That Helps your Company Grow

Business Management Software - Purchasing Power
Business Management Software – Purchasing Power

BMS Purchasing Power That Helps your Company Grow

If your company is growing, then having an integrated management tool that can handle the whole procurement process is a vital tool that can help both simplify and control business processes for purchasing. The control of payments can be a major concern for your business, which is why Herbsts business management software, Insight, places great emphasis on producing a strong and robust purchases ledger, which facilitates easy payment processing and payment tracking.

Insight gives you full user rights control with different users giving you the ability to control who purchases. For example one user in Accounts may be allowed to raise Purchase Orders, but not issue payments whereas another user may not be allowed to issue payments, but not create Purchase Orders, whereas the managing director can do both. With the user activity tracking functionality, management can also keep an eye on any data changes made, who they were made by and when.
Purchase orders and receipt tracking are also covered. By creating purchase invoices with reference to purchase orders you can control your payments and ensure the same invoice is not entered more than once in the system. Goods received can be reconciled against Purchase Orders. Herbst Insight can create a receipt docket and then onwards into a purchase invoice. The Purchase Invoice can then be used as the basis for issuing payment be it cash, cheque or bank transfer. Frequently purchase the same goods from the same supplier? Well with Insight, there is no need to create every purchase document from scratch each time, save yourself a lot of time and effort by cloning a similar one that already exists and editing only the data that is different.

Herbst Insight is also excellent at keeping your supplier and purchasing data records up to date and accurate. All the data is presented in tab or grid format which can be easily customised to suit your user needs and information and can be made readily available or concealed as required. With up to ten user definable fields in each trader record, analysing by cost centre, location etc. is made even easier! Insight also gives you excellent control over your creditors. With numerous reports and user definable views, you can track the status of your credit purchases easily. All outstanding invoices and balances and those falling or about to fall outside their payment terms can easily be tracked.
Issuing payments and allocating them against purchase invoices is easily transacted in Insight. You can allocate payment at the time of issuing the payment or later and while allocating you can opt to allow the system automatically allocate the payment against the oldest outstanding invoice(s) for the particular creditor in question or manually select which invoices the payments should be offset against. Insight also supports contras and supplier balance transfers from one trader to another. You also have the choice of Printing out your cheques directly from Insight. When you issue a cheque to a supplier, you simple click on “Save and Print” and it will print with all of the details onto your normal cheques (no need for specially pre-printed cheques.

These are just some of the core purchasing features found with Herbst Software powerful business management software, Insight. It’s a powerful tool that handles the whole procurement process of your business. We here at Hybrid Technology Partners, have been using these powerful purchasing features to great effect in our day-to-day operations. Having a software system that handles the whole procurement process has been an invaluable tool in helping us manage our purchasing as our company grows. If you would like to know more about Herbst Insight and how it can help streamline and grow your business then feel free to call us on 061 -211444 or 01-5310030.