[Product of the Week] Asus T100 Transformer Tablet

“An excellent solution for the out of office business person or the student looking for Windows 8 compatible software”

I came across (Asus T100 Transformer) this unique piece of hardware recently.

A client had asked me to find a tablet device that could give the features of a modern fully featured operating system like Windows 8 but also give the portability, convenience and most importantly lastability.The Asus name may not be known to many but ask any geeky PC gamer and they will tell you that Asus carry a high reputation for making high quality motherboards that meet the most stringent demands of the modern gamer. The Asus Transformer T100 is the companies attempt at bridging the divide between the features of a standard laptop but giving the convenience, portability of a tablet, detach the 10.1-inch display from the keyboard, and it becomes an equally lightweight multi-touch tablet.Auss T100 It uses a Quad Core Intel Atom Processor clocked at 1.33 GHZ, 2 GB of RAM and a 32 GB solid state HDD to power the Windows 8.1 operating system and its touch screen takes full advantage of the new touch to give a very smooth experience. The ability to run programs specific to Windows is a huge advantage to users especially students who need to run specific software made only for the Windows platform.

” The ability to run programs specific to Windows is a huge advantage “

The 32 GB SD HDD may seem small but with a cloud backup solution the disadvantage of such a restriction in space would be overcome by the speedier performance of the solid state drive.Auss T100 The Quad Core Intel Atom processor is adequate at handling most basic tasks but if you are looking for a computer to handle tasks that are more difficult then this is not for you. Asus says the battery lasts for 11 hours, but according to TrustedReviews their low-intensity PowerMark test saw it sail through this for a full 12 hours and eight minutes. This is excellent stamina for any tablet, and particularly impressive in a Windows-powered one.
It is an excellent solution for the out of office businessperson or the student looking for full features of Windows 8 compatible software. It retails for about €379 ex VAT and we supply this product at Hybrid Technology Partners. If you want to talk further about don’t hesitate to contact me 061-211444.
Stephen Hughes.