Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

IT plays a critical role in the smooth day to day running of businesses all over the world. If you’re looking for a forward-thinking IT provider, you can trust then look no further. Hybrid Technology Partners offers unrivalled managed IT services in Ireland.

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we understand the importance of having round-the-clock access to cutting-edge IT services. We work with businesses all over the country to increase efficiency and productivity, promote security and provide protection. You will have 24-hour access to IT support staff with our managed IT services.

Our support team have a maximum response time of 30 minutes. We work proactively to eliminate issues and keep the cogs turning. We recognize that problems can crop up at any time. We will be there as a point of contact if you ever need any help.


Managed IT services you can trust

Hybrid Technology Partners provides a wide range of IT services to small, medium sized and large companies around Ireland. With our managed IT services, you can enjoy peace of mind that your systems and networks will be protected. This gives you more free time to focus on the core tasks that underpin the daily running of your business.

If you have any issues you are free to call us at any time. We will provide you with a high quality service level.

Here are some key elements of our managed IT services:


·     24/7 Helpdesk

We know that things don’t always go to plan in business. This is why we provide 24-hour assistance for your company. Our fantastic service desk works around the clock, 365 days a year with a maximum response time of just 10 minutes. This allows you to access advice and IT support at any given time if necessary.


At Hybrid Technology Partners we provide a prompt support service for IT issues. We also use cutting-edge, intuitive technology to monitor devices and preempt issues. This allows us to provide automatic fixes and solutions to keep your business running and eliminate downtime.

·     Preventative maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your business IT systems. Keeping up to date with maintenance and using the latest technology services enables us to minimize the risk of problems. These problems could contribute to cybersecurity issues and result in costly downtime.

We proactively monitor IT systems to prevent problems, analyze security risk and facilitate efficient, effective operations. Our remote monitoring systems work 24/7, flagging early warning signs and threats before they can cause noticeable issues.


·     Infrastructure management

We want to help you protect your business. We also strive to work with our clients to optimize performance and efficiency. We manage infrastructure in real-time, plan upgrades and maintenance updates strategically. We ensure you have the right software and hardware to propel your business in the right direction.


·     Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Hybrid Technology Partners have an outstanding track record when it comes to providing backup services and solutions and data management. We offer a broad spectrum of services, covering physical assets, infrastructure and cloud services. Getting to know our clients is a priority.

We recommend services and systems based on the requirements and preferences of the individual client. We provide tailored advice and assistance based on the needs of your business.

We have expertise in all areas related to data backup, security services and cloud solutions. We work with you to provide and maintain the best solutions for your company. Understanding your business is key. Our aim is to eliminate downtime and to respond as quickly as possible if there are any issues.

Data recovery: data recovery hinges on two key factors, RPO and RTO.

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is the point in time we can return to if issues arise. Our services take snapshots regularly, meaning that if you update every 5 minutes, only 5 minutes are lost, for example. RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is the time it takes to restore certain IT services, for example, Internet access. Swift recovery facilitates business continuity.

·     Technical audits and planning

Our highly trained, experienced engineers work proactively to predict, identify and address issues to keep your systems running. We also provide a follow-up service, which helps to reduce the risk of further complications. We use the findings of analysis and evaluation to suggest upgrades and adjustments. This will improve your physical, hybrid and cloud-based systems.

We use the latest technology to determine the most effective solutions for your business. We work with our clients across a wide range of enterprises to save money and boost efficiency. We offer existing clients a free audit to save money and ensure continuous improvement in operations.

We cover all bases, providing advice related to all business applications, including telephone systems, print technology and other processes. Our experts can save you time, effort and money.

·     A tailored service

We recognize that every company is unique, and this is why we provide a tailored service. We can provide all levels of managed IT services. From basic backups and software monitoring to enterprise support for the entire IT infrastructure of the business.


Premium IT services for your business

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we provide a diverse range of managed IT services. We cover a broad spectrum of solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales.

Hybrid Technology Partners are one of Ireland’s largest IT providers. We have experience in working with clients across several sectors. We offer a bespoke service to suit the needs of every client.

In addition to managed IT support, we are proud to offer these services:

  • Software development
  • IT consultancy
  • ERP systems


Software development

We work with our clients to develop innovative software solutions and applications. Our team is always willing to take on a challenge. We look forward to joining forces with businesses to identify and implement effective solutions.

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we can utilize our knowledge and creativity to conjure up solutions. These solutions are based on the problems our clients experience and their objectives. From basic apps for sales teams to large-scale projects we are here to help.

We want to help you assume control of your business applications, save money and increase productivity and efficiency. No matter the scale of the project, we look forward to working with you.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Developing existing software
  • Creating remote apps
  • Developing integration tools to cater for multiple systems
  • Creating database management solutions


IT consultancy

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we use our expertise, experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their objectives and targets. We offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service. This service is administered by qualified, PMP-certified project managers, ISO 27001 auditors and Six Sigma black belts. Our consultancy services cover:

  • GDPR audits and recommendations
  • Process modifications and simplifications to streamline operations
  • Business continuity and planning
  • Project management and short and long-term placements
  • IT security and improved cybersecurity strategies
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • ISO 27001 auditing and implementing recommendations


ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning systems can play a crucial role in a business. They aid in enabling businesses to adjust and modify the way they work to enhance efficiency. You can manage your business effectively with ERP systems. This can be done regardless of its size or scale, on a real-time or day-to-day basis.

We provide on-premises installations and cloud solutions through two ERP systems: Herbst Insight ERP and Priority Software ERP. Both of these ERPs can be used through cloud or on-site installations, providing full back-up and data recovery capabilities.

ERP systems offer a host of advantages for businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors, including:

  • Access to real-time data
  • Instant tracking of costs and real-time stock management
  • Cost saving and efficiency gains to save your teams time and effort
  • Simple, hassle-free business management on the go


The benefits of managed IT services with Hybrid Technology Partners

Technology is vital for the smooth, day to day running of businesses. Having access to managed IT services allows access to support if you need it. You can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that serve to monitor systems. They also implement fixes automatically to reduce downtime.

Advice and expertise in relation to improving and updating systems, programmes and networks to enhance operations and performance is available. You will benefit from the advice and expertise and this will make life easier for staff and reduce running costs.

One of the most significant factors for modern-day business is robust security. Cybersecurity should be a priority for every business owner. We work with our clients to implement effective solutions to minimize threats. We protect your reputation and ensure a rapid response if there is a breach.

We work closely with our clients and getting to know each client is a priority for us. We provide managed IT services that cater for the individual business, and not a one size fits all solution.

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We have an excellent track record. We put our customers first and we use tried and tested methods, combined with cutting-edge technologies to achieve incredible outcomes. To talk about your project in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.