IT Consultancy

At Hybrid Technology Partners we are your dedicated IT partner.

We provide a dedicated IT consultancy: qualified project managers (PMP certified), ISO 27001 auditors, process improvement initiatives (six sigma black belts). We utilise our expertise to help you succeed.  Along with our expertise, we are passionate about helping our clients.

GDPR Audits and recommendations

  • We work with our clients to review their current policies and procedures to understand what controls are in place to mitigate risk of loss of data.
  • What security controls are on your systems to protect your company and client’s data?
  • Have you ensured confidential information is not hanging around on desks/printers?
  • Is everything and we mean everything password protected?
  • There are a lot of simple steps to take in order to prove you are taking initiatives on safeguarding data.

Process Simplification utilising IT Recommendations

  • Here at Hybrid Technology Partners we have a Black Belt Six Sigma Consultant who would look at all your processes and procedures to see where you are creating non value add activities.
  • Your aim should be to be as streamlined and efficient as possible, hence allowing you and your employees time to focus on the more important things.
  • We leverage IT when necessary to simplify these manual and unnecessary processes.

Business Continuity & planning

  • Hybrid Technology partners has a strong background when it comes to data management and backup solutions for our clients. Whether physical, infrastructure or cloud-based, we can recommend a broad range of online backup services and cloud backup services depending on the nature of your business.
  • We can set you up with the correct solution that suits you, key thing being no downtime and if there is downtime, we work to get you back up and running immediately.

Project management & placements

  • We have a strong background in placing our IT people on short/long term projects within our customers sites if it is required. Whether to cover maternity leave or for specific projects where you don’t need to hire a full-time employee.
  • We work with you, identify the needs and provide the correct solution and resources.
  • This is one of our core values in being a real partner with you.

IT strategy & security

  • We carry out Technical Audits, work with your senior management team when setting your strategy which will include IT requirements to help your business grow.
  • The key function here is to ensure you are secure with correct firewalls/anti virus/phishing filtering systems etc and any larger scale systems that may be required to ensure 100% running time.

Disaster recovery planning

  • There are different solutions to suit each client need. The key thing here is that we work and recommend specific solutions to ensure that if your system(s) went down tomorrow, that you would be back up and running within minutes and not lose days/weeks/months of data.

ISO27001 auditing & implementations

  • Our strong background with ISO 27001 policies, procedures, implementations and auditing for clients enables us to have a strict, methodical and thoroughly reliable approach to implementing data management, data backups and backup solutions.
  • For example, we speak to clients who maybe have an email every day or week telling them that their data backups have been completed, but when it comes to test restores or utilizing backup logs it was found that the solution implemented was not in fact meeting the client requirements.
  • We look to see what steps are you taking to protect your data and then advise on what you need to change.