Herbst Software

Do you need Business Management Software that can improve your business’s efficiency and competitiveness?

Look no further as Herbst Insight is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that lets you conveniently manage your company’s various resources and processes from a single platform. By using it, you can improve your business’ decision-making, cost-efficiency, productivity, and much more.

At Hybrid Technology Partners we specialise in tailoring and deploying Herbst Insight to fit the unique needs of organisations from various industries and verticals. Tell us about your business, and we’ll provide you with an ERP solution that automates processes, saves you time, and increases profitability.

For more regarding how this solution can benefit your business, contact us today for a consultation.

Herbst Insight ERP

What is Herbst Software ERP System?

There are several types of ERP systems, but Herbst Software is unique for its user-friendliness and wide range of management features.

This is a fully integrated, cloud-based or on-premise ERP system you can use to run the core functions of your business from one place. For instance the Accounting and HR department could use it to access the same real-time information in order to make well-informed, critical decisions.

Specialist ERP System Integration to Optimise Your Operations

Herbst Software is an effective tool for streamlining your business management.

At Hybrid TP we take the time to understand your organisation’s structure and processes. We can then customise the software to provide you with relevant data by taking details about your business into consideration.

You can use that data to make better, more informed decisions to improve your entire company’s productivity and reduce overhead.

To make ERP a fully integrated system that improves your company’s overall performance, here are some of the processes we’ll integrate into it:

  • Accounting: The ERP System’s accounting module can automate many of your accounting processes to reduce the time and cost of running your accounting department. It’ll also eliminate human errors that typically occur in bookkeeping.
  • Manufacturing: Proper ERP customisation can improve quality control, production time, and more within a manufacturing company. It accomplishes this by handling stock management and streamlining much of the assembling procedure.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The ERP System’s CRM module enables you to respond to customer enquiries accurately and in less time. It can also provide you with customer insights to tailor promotions and other customer correspondence.
  • Inventory Management: The ERP automates inventory management to eliminate the cost and hassles of over or understocking.

As ERP specialists, we have years of experience installing various ERP systems in many types of companies. We can install Herbst Foundation, Herbst One, or Herbst Enterprise to suit your company’s unique structure and achieve company objectives.

Benefits of Herbst Insight?


  • All software is designed and developed by Herbst Software
  • Makes business simple
  • One integrated system eliminates risk and failure or downtime
  • Business Intelligence – visibility of key management information.
  • B2B E-commerce – eliminate administration, engage with customers 24/7, auto create
  • picking lists, ease of implementation
  • Operational staff can do administration work on the go without knowing it
  • Eliminate duplication – single input across all operations
  • Irish owned company – dedicated to Irish market (e.g. based on legislation – ROM1)
  • Industry specific product – across a number of verticals
  • Customisable screens by user – creating a ‘my view experience’
  • Smartphone integration – SMS, scheduled reports, cloud client
  • Dedicated industry mobile solutions (fully integrated)
  • Ability to track all correspondence in office and on mobile – by customer, supplier, site
  • (categorise by business process sales, credit control/finance, customer service). With the
  • benefit of a GIS.
  • CRM – using accounting information to generate sales
  • Scalability – the software grows with your business
  • Paperless system – pivots, report scheduler, grid views, nominal extracts
  • Herbst Software knows your industry – knowledgeable staff with strong technical
  • expertise
  • Regional offices
  • Non-technical and straightforward implementation
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Dedicated hosted solution option – no worries when upgrading and backing up
  • Quarterly customer driven updates
  • Reduce the need of costing spreadsheets, eliminate timesheets, and full project tracking
  • for on and off site (job costing)
  • Touch screen role-specific kiosks to improve speed, accuracy, simplification, security, and
  • acceptance from staff
  • Automated procurement
  • Provides return on investment through facilitating efficiencies which leads to improving
  • your overall margins, helping increased sales, reallocation of resources, plus providing
  • better credit control and cash flows
  • Helps management drive business forward through having full access to real-time
  • information across all business processes
  • Full traceability

What Type of Companies Use ERP Systems?


Small, medium, and large organisations use Enterprise Resource Planning software to simplify their workflows. We tailor and deploy ERP Systems for companies in the following industries:

  • Retail: Companies in the retail industry use ERP systems to control inventory and accounting, and for improving customer relations.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers depend on ERPs for quality control, reducing production time, and automating workflows.
  • Pharmaceutical: The system helps with quality control and ensures operations are in line with relevant regulations.
  • Distribution: For those in the distribution and logistics industry, the software assists with supply chain management and invoicing.
  • Oil: The software contains a retail and outlet monitoring system that helps with fuel pump management, invoice recording, and driver scheduling and routing.
  • Construction: ERP helps with project, contractor, equipment, inventory, and human capital management.
  • Food: A fully integrated ERP solution gives management the tools to enhance, automate and control your Food operations.
  • Agri: Our complete ERP solution eliminates paperwork while simplifying business processes, giving management real-time control.
  • Engineering: Accurately measure the profitability of jobs, improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and manage costs with our ERP solution

Other industries we can deploy ERP systems for include healthcare, waste and recycling, technology, hospitality, aerospace, defense, and more. We also have options for professional service companies. Call us to request a free demo or consultation for your business.

Contact Hybrid TP for Herbst Deployment

We’ve deployed ERP Systems for companies like Antaris, Lyncare, Thormac Engineering, JJ Kavanagh & Sons, Falcondale Properties Ltd, Farrelly & Mitchell, PBC Biomed, Tara Oil, Supermac’s CelgenTek, and other major companies in Ireland.

Hybrid TP has the experience to integrate an Enterprise Resource Planning System to automate and better control your operations. Depending on your infrastructure, we can deploy the system as a:

  • Hosted option with a third-party server for greater convenience
  • On-Premise option with an in-house server for greater control
  • Public or private cloud option for greater scalability
  • Hybrid option that combines the benefits of on-premise and cloud servers

Call our us today to request a free demo or advice to find the perfect ERP solution for your business needs.