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How Hybrid TP Can Help

We offer the most recent and cutting-edge ERP systems. Our ERP systems have the ability to be installed on-site or cloud-based. This safeguards your information and allows you to recover any lost data at any time.

Cloud ERP solutions are growing in popularity, especially for a business who has multiple locations. Installing an on-site or cloud ERP system allows you to track business performance, bring down day to day operational costs, and build better relationships with your customers.

  • ERP Inventory System

    Inventory management is a vital process for managing the physical stock of a company. With the right ERP system, you can lower costs and ramp-up production. Inventory management software can organize all your ordering, storing, and shipping data in one place.

    Without a proper ERP inventory system, your company can lose out on potential sales and lose money on wasted goods. Most inventory management teams rely on spreadsheets to manage inventory data. Though spreadsheets work for smaller companies, as business needs grow, spreadsheets can become inefficient. Mistakes become common with too much room for human error.

    Hybrid TP ERP can help you and your team precisely track and manage all your inventory data on a single platform. You’ll never need to worry about re-ordering stock, accounting for stored goods, or losing track of shipments. Your employees will also be happier and able to focus on more important aspects of the business.

  • Online ERP System

    Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) manages essential company information. Most companies use multiple software technologies for customer relationship management, human resources tracking orders and inventory, accounting, and spreadsheets. The problem is that none of the applications are united, and the flow of information is limited. These data silos can cause massive frustration as an enterprise, and cost you unnecessary time and money.

    That is where online ERP systems succeed. The ERP software unifies all your company information into one ecosystem that can easily be managed and reported. This will streamline all your business processes and bridge the gap between different departments.

    The right ERP solution will also organize customer data. This way you can easily learn each customer’s specific needs and provide better service. Your enterprise can grow seamlessly and with fewer frustrations. It also allows you to stand out from the competition.

    If your competitors aren’t keeping all of their data organised with the right ERP system, it opens the door for you to stand out with a more efficient workforce, stronger sales team, and overall better customer experience.

  • ERP Purchasing System

    If you’re a distributor, an ERP purchasing system allows you to access a procure to pay process that is streamlined into one centralised system. An ERP purchasing system is typically geared towards supply chain optimisation. You’ll never be able to fulfill enough orders if you don’t track essential information such as price, duration of shipment, and manufacturer information. With an ERP purchasing system, you will save money and develop better relationships, have a more organised supply chain, and improve customer satisfaction.

    Implementing an ERP system will also free up time your employees spend on purchasing, so they can focus on building better relationships with your suppliers. That helps create a better experience for your customers.

    With everything neatly organised on a single platform, you’ll have a more efficient workforce who always has stock on-hand. Enterprise resource planning systems allow your distribution channels to thrive, and your business to skyrocket.

  • ERP Software

    The amount of information found when looking up the meaning of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can be confusing and intimidating. To make things simple, think of an ERP system as a network of information that streamlines all business processes into one centralised system.

    However, there is no single definition of ERP software. There are endless ways an enterprise can benefit from having ERP applications software, such as:

    • Keeping up with their inventory
    • Building better relationships with suppliers
    • Creating a better customer experience
    • Gaining higher employee satisfaction
    • Building a stronger human resources department

    ERP software can make a business enterprise more efficient. The right ERP solutions can save your business time and money. While almost any enterprise can benefit from implementing ERP software, here are the industries that have the most benefit from ERP systems:

    • Manufacturing – Managing factories, supply chain, employee management, manufacturer resource planning, Material requirements planning MRP
    • Agriculture – Accounting, stock management, distribution
    • Engineering – Manage workflow, customer data
    • Food & Beverage – Accounting, inventory management
    • Distribution – Stock management, POS systems, inventory management
    • Waste management – Reporting, collections
  • ERP Software Products

    We offer a variety of enterprise resource planning solutions to fit the needs of a variety of companies in multiple industries.

    Priority Software

    Another useful enterprise resource planning software we offer is Priority Software. They are a one-stop-shop for all information management services for SMEs. They provide real-time data and focus primarily on customer experience and sales reporting.

    Priority is a highly recognized name in the industry, and they have helped over 75,000 companies streamline their information, enabling them to take their business to the next level. They provide all the essential components of ERP with a few additional services such as:

    • Financing
    • Human resources
    • Supply Chain
    • Attendance
    • Business growth strategy
    • Project Planning
    • Logistics

    They also offer “on-the-go” services which allow users to access Priority Data anywhere from a tablet or smartphone. This is useful for salespeople who need access to information while at a meeting, company event, conference, or while they’re out prospecting.

    Herbst Insight ERP

    One enterprise resource planning software solution we provide is Herbst Insight. They have over three decades worth of experience in the ERP industry and focus mostly on accounting, sales, CRM, POS, web portal, and inventory management software.

    Their main sectors include:

    • Manufacturing
    • Waste management
    • Oil
    • Quarry/mining

    Whether you’re looking to add new business processes or improve existing ones, Herbst Insight can provide all the necessary tools to grow your business.


A Fully Integrated System

Whether you are tracking your inventory or interacting with potential customers, our new ERP software is there to make sure all essential data is collected and organised. You can even integrate our software with any current systems you may already have such a weighbridge or POS to make the process even easier.

You can also use our ERP systems to oversee your entire sales pipeline. That means that you can collate potential customer data and then use it for future promotional offers or outbound sales calls. Your business can capitalise on those who may not have purchased earlier in the sales process.

Data & Reporting

There’s no doubt that tracking all your data can be tedious and time-consuming. You can alleviate this tedious workload and free up your employees’ time to do more important things in the business. All the information gathered and stored within the ERP will provide useful insights for your sales team. Your company can also learn which goods are selling better than others, along with all the fine details on shipping and storing.

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