Not Bots – Mario Fernandez

At Hybrid, we’re a close-knit team who are passionate about what we do. Part of our client experience is that when you pick up the phone to us, you will speak to an engineer or specialist straight away. We’d like to put a face behind the voice at the other end of the phone and introduce you to our team – there’s no bots on team Hybrid. It’s real people with a real passion for using technology to help improve your business.

This week’s team member is Mario Fernandez, IT Support and Consultancy Account Manager, who is passionate about getting “under the hood” of every business he works with and really understanding the challenges they face.

Mario Fernandez

What did your journey to Hybrid TP look like?

I was born and bred in London. My mother is a Limerick native, so I returned to Limerick in 2000. I have over 20 years business-to-business sales experience. I started out in recruitment, moving to Telecoms Sales Account Management then IT Account Management before joining Hybrid Technology Partners in December 2020.

Tell us a little about your current position with Hybrid TP.

I am an Account Manager with Hybrid TP so I manage the relationship between Hybrid and 60+ SME clients dealing with day-to-day hardware and software projects. I organise regular review meetings to make sure that the IT infrastructure is correct for each business and recommend changes and upgrades based on the business requirements.

What does your current client base look like? Are there any growing trends in IT?

Cybersecurity is really prevalent at the moment with the high-profile ransomware attacks that have been in the media. Our client base now is proactively reviewing their exposure and implementing solutions to decrease the potential downtime for users and expose for their business.

Why do you do what you do? What excites you about work? Are there certain projects you love working on?

My motivation comes from getting “under the hood” of every business. Understanding the challenges faced by a business and being able to deliver projects that alleviate those is what motivates me in my work. I get immense satisfaction when a client comes back to us and says, “I don’t know how we survived without this!” and recommends us to their peers.

What’s your favourite memory from working with Hybrid to date?

Delivering a webinar to our client base on the dangers of ransomware the day before the news broke about the HSE ransomware attack was a highlight. Our phones and emails have lit up ever since with enquiries about what cost-effective data protection options are available.

How do you switch off from work? What are your hobbies and interests?

I have 4 kids, so they keep me away from the table these days. However, I used to be a Professional Snooker player. I attained a professional ranking of 200 in the world in my younger days. I started playing again as an amateur here in Ireland back in 2009, I was ranked Number 1 in Ireland and represented Ireland in the European Championships in Belgium. I reached the final losing 7-3 against many players who are now current professionals ranked inside the top 64 in the world.

If you’re looking for hands on proactive managed IT support or consultancy (or some snooker tips!), get in touch with Mario to see how Hybrid TP can help alleviate stress and drive efficiencies in your business. Contact us here.