Product of the Week – Synology DS21J NAS Drive

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to multiple users on the same network. In short it’s a clever storage device that can act as a file share over your local network giving you a cost effective solution to the sharing of files and media as well as […]

Herbst Business Assembly Manufacturing solutions

Herbst Insight – Assembly and Manufacturing solutions

In our experience in delivering business management software solutions to enterprises with an assembly and manufacturing side to their business, is the difficulty they have keeping on top on of variables like the fluctuations in the cost of materials, stock control and accurately creating a BOM or Bill of Materials. […]

ERP Business Management Software ERP

Choosing the Right Business Managment Software System

If your one of the many companies out there (and there are many) who are still using a fragmented approach to business software and have thought about finally taking the big step in adopting a fully integrated business management software system then there are a few key points you should […]

5 Differences an ERP system can make to your Business

Herbst Insight ERP Since its creation in the 1970’s by SAP the adoption of an ERP system to run businesses of all types and size has been immense and unprecedented. An Enterprise resource planning (ERP), according to Wikipedia’s definition is a business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company […]

Software Development Dublin

The Key Advantages of Bespoke Software

The Key Advantages of Bespoke Software When it comes to making a decision about about improving your business processes using technology you can sometimes overlook the advantages of having a custom made solution created specifically for your businesses needs. The overall aim of any company when it comes to making […]

Web Portal

Using a Web Portal to add Value to Your Services

Have you ever thought of adding value to your services by empowering your customers with a web interface that’s branded with your logo and colours. Think of offering your customers a login to their own accounts where they can reprint historical transactions, order new products and make payments. Imagine giving […]

The Complete Software Solution for your Engineering Company

IT services for engineering At Hybrid Technology Partner we have been providing IT services for engineering companies for over 14 years. We have dealt with many of the pain points faced by engineering companies in the day to day running of their businesses and we’ve answered theses pain points with […]