Mobile Solutions for Your Business

Roaming Access to your ERP
The integration of mobile technology with business management software has been one of the great boons to modern businesses over the past few decades allowing the accessing vital business information away for the office. Analysts estimate that 50% of business applications will be accessed via mobile devices over the next couple of years.
The impact mobile technology has had on the logistics side of businesses has been immense. The process of order to delivery can now be tracked and automated through the whole supply chain. The use of mobile handheld devices has long been an integral part of Herbst software. They supply a wide range of different handheld devices, anything from the streamlined smartphone to a spark free water resistant devices, all used in a wide range of industries from Oil distribution to electrical service contractors. The PDA software works with the standard MS Windows Mobile operation system (recommend V.6 or higher). It eliminates the need for duplicate dockets, captures proof of delivery, gives a real-time stock level and gives the driver and optimal route to the clients.
Below are just some functional examples of the feature you get with mobile Integration with Herbst:

  • Capture Proof of delivery (POD)
  • Process orders, delivery documents & sales invoices
  • Real-time stock control on vehicles
  • Check prices and stock availability
  • See customer aged analysis & outstanding invoices
  • See previous customer purchases
  • Driver routing management
  • Support product bar-coding scanning
  • Employee remote clock-in

Herbst Software offers a range of off the shelf handheld solutions orientated specifically around individual employee roles. They offer devices tailored to specific industries for deliveries, sales representatives, account managers, time & attendance job costing solutions, and other industry-specific solutions.
Herbst Insight, Business Management Software can help you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations We have written extensively in our blogs about the impact it can make on your business. We offer a fully comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software solution, Herbst Insight ERP. For more information, or if you just have any questions, comments or queries, feel free to get in touch with our team today on call us on 1800 911 000 or email us at

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