Microsoft Windows Server 2012 going EOL. What next?

After another decade of service, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 will reach its end-of-life on October 10, 2023.

This means any of your business systems running on the Windows Server needs to be replaced. At Hybrid Technology Partners, we believe in early planning to ensure you are running optimally without any additional worries about what to do next.


Why is Windows Server 2012 going end-of-life?

With older operating systems, it becomes more difficult to patch and update regularly, making it easier for cyber criminals to gain access. Newer versions of the systems include optimized cyber security that help keep you undetected from cyber-attacks.

Why does my business need to upgrade?

Criminals know Windows Server 2012 is going end-of-life and they will expose areas of weakness, which will put your company and data at risk. Your Server will still work with an unsupported operating system, but with no security updates or support from Microsoft after 10 October 2023, these risks can cost you billions.

Running on the old Server also means you’ll be out of compliance to meet regulatory standards. Another big factor to consider is compatibility. As all our applications work on the Windows operating system (QuickBooks, Sage, Exchange Servers, SQL Servers), having an outdated version means you will incur more costs to maintain or use your applications effectively.


So, what do I do next?

The entire process of upgrading to the new Windows Server can seem daunting. Luckily, we are here to help! With our background in Managed IT Services to help smooth out any wrinkles when migrating to the latest operating system. We manage the project for you, handling every issue from start to finish:

  • Designing and scoping the project
  • Working with the application vendor(s) to scope their portion
  • Hardware procurement and installation (if needed)
  • Coordinating schedules of all vendors involved
  • Installing the latest version of Windows Server
  • Implementing all other applications
  • Extensive testing, Rollout and Training

It is important to set a budget aside for either the replacement of the server or migration to the cloud, as this will determine whether you do this now or in 2023.

What are the latest Windows Server upgrade options for my business?

1. Move to cloud / SharePoint (Included in Office 365 license) – Azure Cloud Server

The number 1 benefit of a cloud server is 99.9% uptime. More benefits include scalability on demand, cost efficiency, auto data backups and updates, disaster recovery, improved IT infrastructure through IAAS and PAAS, rapid deployment of applications, improved insights and reporting, improved security, and easy integration of other Microsoft tools. (If legal software / 3rd party software is preventing you from migrating to the cloud, the existing software can be left on the server while the rest of your data moves to SharePoint)

2. Replace local (physical) Server exampleSmart Selection PowerEdge T350 Tower Server Plus

Although the initial investment and operating costs are higher when considering a local server, you have control and easier access over your own infrastructure hardware.

Both these options require a very strong broadband to upgrade your system, as well as your firewall.

In conclusion, the time to start preparing to upgrade your Windows Server 2012 is now. Thinking and planning ahead means less stress and security risks for you and your business.

We dedicate our time and expertise throughout the whole upgrade process, giving you the best solutions possible to run your business effectively. Get in touch with our expert, IT Manager Mario Fernandez at or call +353 61 211 444, to start your migration.