Managed IT Service – Pro Active Monitoring of your IT Infrastructure

Managed IT Service – Pro Active Monitoring of your IT InfrastructureManaged IT Service

Since our establishment in 2001 we have witnessed first-hand a lot of innovations and developments in how IT services are delivered to customers. One of the best innovations to happen in the past few years is a managed IT service that works to prevent many of those niggling IT problems before they become an issue. Rather than having a traditional help desk whereby you call your IT company every time there is an issue, a fully managed IT service works in the background to pre-empt any problems before they become an issue saving you that phone call to your IT provider and any downtime that might result.

This managed IT service actively monitors your entire IT infrastructure sending real time information back to your managed service provider giving them detailed information on the health of your IT systems. Some of the proactive features of this management platform include,

  • Real time monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure including all your hardware and software assets.
  • Complete insight into your IT operations allowing for a quick resolution when issues arise.
  • Monitoring of your business critical applications regardless of where they are hosted.
  • Increasing your networks performance with monitoring that resolves network outages and reduces downtime.
  • Monitoring server performance and report on hardware and software assets.

At Hybrid Technology Partners we offer a fully managed IT service that gives us a complete overview of your IT infrastructure enabling us to identify and quickly resolve issues before they happen. Our managed services platform focuses on prevention rather than cure ensuring you save time, save money and gain peace of mind. Our managed service platform is a complete active monitoring solution that works in the background ensuring your systems are kept in check and in the best of health. If you would like to discuss further the features and benefits of the IT Managed Service then feel free to gives a call on 061 211444 or 01 5310030 or

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