Herbst Software – Job Costing Module

Herbst Software - Job Costing Module
Herbst Insight has been created using a modular platform that allows this powerful business management software to be tailored specifically to the needs of your enterprise. For many companies who use job costing on daily basis, Herbst Software have created a specific job costing module that integrates fully with your stock and nominal ledgers allowing you see in real time the status of WIP and gives you the power to compare your job estimates with the real job at hand.

Job Costing: Think of an engineering management software platform that:

  • Fully integrates your stock and nominal ledger. Then, imagine being able to assign purchase orders to specific staff members with the click of a mouse button. The same action can also be taken for goods received.
  • Records any job contact details, and correspondence allowing for the attachment of any project documents whilst also supporting any internal jobs or research projects you may have going on the side.
  • Produces estimates for job costs/quotes with the ability to see variances between actual and estimated, all in real time.
  • Incorporates labour/services, cost and charges giving you the functionality to control your labour costs as the job progresses.
  • Manages and  access external photos and files from within the job.
  • Covers all your job pricing. Fixed price, time, materials, and Cost Plus, are all integrated as well the ability to assign cost to Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
  • Gives you very powerful data analysis tools with drill down analysis of all jobs and the ability to create customisable pivot table views.
  • Comes with an inbuilt integrated report and form writer, which outputs a impressive range of standard reports.

Herbst Software - Job Costing Module
All this takes place within a consolidated software platform allowing you group, categorise and analyse information as required. Herbst Softwares job costing module is just one of the many available from Herbst’s Business Management Software, Insight, which can be added as required. Companies all over the country have used Herbst, our software partner, to grow their business. Their job costing, BOM and WIP tools for engineering companies are just one of the many features of this innovative Business Management Software solution. If you would like to find out more about how an integrated software solution can help your business, then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 061-211444 or 1800-911000 or email us at info@hybridtp.ie

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