IT Leasing/Grenke -Avoid High Cost of Acquiring Technology

Grenke - leasing for IT needs
Grenke – leasing for IT needs

IT Leasing – Concerned About the High Cost of Acquiring Technology

As I discussed in previous posts, we are partners with the German leasing company Grenke. We have had a lot of clients over the years who’ve chosen to take the finance route and as another option of raising capital it’s worked out really well for them. The advantage of not tying up capital without affecting your credit is a huge plus point. Having the goods owned by Grenke until the end of the contract helps you P/L accounts look healthy whilst you can take advantage of the new hardware and software infrastructure. Knowing that you will be paying a predefined amount over a set period of time also has the advantage allowing for more accurate financial planning. A few customers, once the lease term has finished also choose to renew the lease agreement again and upgrade their IT Infrastructure. This Grenke trade-up option provided our clients who needed the latest in IT technology an invaluable way of financing these high-end technologies.
From our perspective, we find the ability to have a quick decision made allows us to efficiently plan the installation and migration work. Grenke, being a German company, allows it to check credit history from outside of Ireland which means it doesn’t show up on any credit checks done by Irish banks or other financial institution within the state. GRENKE’s credit-screening process is fast and you will usually receive a response to your enquiry within minutes.
So, if you’re concerned about the high cost of acquiring technology, then this financing option is something you can consider.
If you’re interested in discussing the leasing option for your IT services with us further then feel free to call us onĀ  1800 911 000