Handheld Remote Roaming – Bring your office with you

Handheld Remote Roaming - Bring your office with you
With the growth in mobile communications throughout the world, the concept of bringing the office with you has become more of a reality to companies. Herbst Software, in conjunction with their powerful business software system, Herbst Insight, have been at the forefront of this technological development using the latest mobile technology to bring the office with you wherever you go. Herbst have created a range of specialised client applications allowing employees to process transactions when out and about, directly interfacing with head office.

This hand-held remote roaming solution drastically reduces the paperwork for sales representatives, sales account managers and delivery men.

The key features of this innovative technology are,

  • Digitally collect signatures (POD).
  • Process secure credit card transactions.
  • Create quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices.
  • Confirm or agree special prices.
  • Enter new prospects and record/log activities.
  • Check product prices and availability.
  • Easy to learn metro style with barcoding support.
  • Email or print documents directly from device.
  • Process orders and deliveries with no signal.
  • Created for a wide range of robust hand-held devices.

Using a handheld remote roaming out of office solution like Herbst’s client applications, streamlines the sales process giving your sales reps, sales account managers and delivery men the means to drastically reduce their workload allowing for a more productive and fruitful return. If you would like to find out more about┬áHerbst Software’s Hand-held remote roaming or any other of the features of this innovative business management software then feel free to contact us at 061 211444 or 1800-911000 or info@hybridtp.ie

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Handheld Remote Roaming - Bring your office with you