Herbst On Demand – Global Anytime Access to Your Business Data

Herbst Software - Data On Demand

Herbst On Demand – Global Anytime Access to Your Business Data

Herbst Software have always been to the forefront in delivering the best in class business management software alongside the latest trends and developments in internet technologies. Herbst On Demand service has been introduced to meet the growing need for their customers to have global anytime access to their business data.

This On Demand service is about running Herbst Software’s innovative business software tools, Herbst Insight and Herbst HRM, on a secure server located in a first class data centre. This allows for multiple benefits to the end user including unparalleled speed and capacity alongside a high level of security and cost efficiency. This “on demand” service replaces your on-site server with a cloud based solution that holds all the programme files and databases off-site cutting out the cost of the upkeep, powering and maintenance of the on-site server.
Hosting Herbst software in datacentre off-site opens up a whole world new world to the way you work. Now, with Herbst On Demand application hosting, you can access and work with your Business Management Software with any internet enabled device. It only takes a regular Internet connection and you can work with, say, Herbst Insight or Herbst HRM from your computer at the office or from a laptop on travel. A PDA or a smartphone will let you access the programme on the go. This has huge benefits to any staff working remotely or if your business has multiple locations.
With Herbst Application Hosting your programmes, such as Herbst Insight or Herbst HRM, and respective databases are physically located on a remote server in a first-class data-centre. These Data-centres boast unmatched security because security is their primary responsibility. For instance, data centres have policies on restricting access to the premises. They have their own power generators in case of a power failure. There are actually so-called multiple levels of redundancy that help keep the servers on-line in the event of a disaster. Above all, data centres regularly undergo stringent security assessments. Herbst application hosting also provides a daily database and backup validation and can be run in conjunction with a DRaaS to ensure complete reliance and zero downtime should disaster ever strike these remotely hosted applications.
At Hybrid Technology Partners we are software partners with Herbst Software and together we implemented Herbst Software’s innovative business software with great success in many varied companies all over Ireland. If you have haven’t considered a fully hosted solution before or if you’re interested in talking further about Herbst Software’s advanced next generation of software products, then feel free to contact us at 061 211444 or 1800-911000

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