Herbst Jobber – The Mobile Job Costing App for Engineers

Herbst software has always been to the forefront of using the latest in technological developments. Their software, Herbst Insight is a completely integrated financial business management software solution created around the core areas of accounts and financials but comes with a comprehensive range of modules which can be added as required. This modular approach allows Insight to be tailored specifically to your particular needs.

One of the strongest modules created for Insight has been their Job Costing module.

This module gives engineering companies order specific costing, fully integrated with their accounts, which is used in situations where each job is different and performed to the customers specifications. This gives engineering companies a comprehensive solution that presents them with real time visibility on their business, profits, costs and work in progress throughout their engineering business. Herbst have always been looking for ways to improve their service and given that a lot engineers spend most of their time on site, Herbst have now created an Android application using phones and tablets for job costing remotely. This application brings the power of Herbst Insight together with the latest developments in mobile technology to the engineer on-site.
Herbst Jobber is an Android application, completely integrated with Herbst Insight, which gives the engineer access to a wealth of job costing tools remotely with features that eliminates duplication and cuts down on the paper and pen. The application catches hours worked on-site, activities that have taken place on-site as well as photos of any work taking place on-site. The application can capture a digital signature, allow for the creation of contacts with comments, products with comments, and change the status of the job at hand and the placing of that job directly into accounts. The Jobber app functions off-line and synchronizes via a Wi-Fi / mobile (data) hotspot giving the user a complete mobile job costing tool that can be taken and used anywhere.
Here is a breakdown of some of Jobbers key features,

  • Catches hours, activities, photos.
  • Get customer signature (digital).
  • Create Contacts with job and has the capacity to leave notes.
  • Add products and comments.
  • Change job status.
  • Placing job input directly in to accounts.
  • Functions off-line and synchronizes via Wi-Fi / mobile (data) hotspot.
  • Completely integrated with Insight.

Herbst Software’s Jobber application is the ideal solution for any of your engineers who need a cutting edge software tool that brings powerful job costing features on-site, out of the office. If you would like to find out more about this exciting mobile business tool or any of Herbst Software other applications the call us on 061-211444 or 01-5310030.

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