Herbst Insight’s Weighbridge Module – Reduce Duplication through Integration

Herbst Insight’s Weighbridge Module – Reduce Duplication through Integration

Herbst WeighbridgeThe use of weighbridges for calculating the load weight of vehicles and trailers brings with it a set of problems for companies who use this technology in their day to day business operations. A lack of integration with accounts causes the duplication and re-inputting of weight information which is both time consuming and inefficient. Herbst Software have created an easy to use weighbridge software module that is fully integrated with your accounts and pulls in, in real time, the information needed from the weighbridge station.

This weighbridge module is a complete system that can be connected to any electric output weighbridge or manual weight inputs. With one click you can convert a weigh document into a delivery document, or invoice, avoiding repetitive data entry. With this module you can control and prevent some of the frequent costly mistakes that happen in a busy environment cutting out duplication. The module also comes with camera integration which captures a visual record of every transaction allowing for better dispute resolution, traceability, and transparency. Overall, this software module allows you to delegate without losing control and helps prevent some of the frequently costly mistakes that can happen in a busy  environment.
Some of the key features of Herbst software weighbridge module are,

  • Automatically enforce credit control at the weighbridge.
  • Check and authorise weight documents for invoicing.
  • Easily convert weight documents to invoices.
  • Simple weighbridge interface for fast data entry.
  • Invoices drill down to original weight documents.
  • Real-time management information.
  • Facility to restrict access to sensitive information.
  • Supports mandatory fields, test results and haulage.
  • Specialised driver operated touch screen kiosk interface.

Herbst introduced a complete weighbridge module a few years back that has been used with great success by some of the largest Food, Grain, Recycling and Quarry companies in the UK and Ireland. Their Weighbridge module is just one of the many features of their innovative business management software Herbst Insight. If you would like to find out more about how an integrated software solution like Herbst Insight’s weighbridge module can help you streamline your weighbridge operations then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 1800 911 000.

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