Herbst Insights – Kiosk

Herbst Insights – Kiosk

Herbst KioskHerbst Business Management Software have been always been to the forefront of developing ways of integrating the latest developments in technology with the end user in mind. Their simple touch screen interface for general workers was born out of the need to bring Herbst Insights powerful business software features to the general user whether it be on the factory floor, warehouse or weighbridge station.

The key concept behind the kiosk is to simplify the tasks at hand with a easy to use interface that’s been pre configured to carry out that particular job. It can be used to delegate, facilitate, control and report business procedures which occur in that particular location giving the end user a very practical and simple interface to use.
Some of its key features are,

  • A very practical and simple interface to use.
  • Highlights discrepancies between expected and actuals.
  • Drastically simplify procedures where relevant
  • Check point for goods received.
  • Check point for gods dispatched.
  • Check point for goods produced.
  • Handles batches (traceability).
  • Swipe ID cards.

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we have first hand experience in integrating this kiosk into a business process to both simplify and speed up the task at hand. We are Valued added Resellers for Herbst Software’s innovative business management software, Herbst Insight and we have implemented their software and technology tools into many businesses across the country. If you would like to talk more about their impressive range of software solutions for running your business more efficiently then feel free to call us on 061 211444 or 1800-911000 and we can talk further.

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