Herbst Insights – Integrating Your Weighbridge with Your Accounts

weighbridge software

There are many businesses out there at the moment who use a weighbridge in their day to day operations. With trucks calling to the weighbridge station, having the power to delegate without losing control and prevent some of the frequently costly mistakes that happen in a busy weighbridge environment can be a huge help in streamlining the weighbridge process.

Herbst Insight have created a powerful weighbridge software module designed to work as part of a whole with your accounts. This integration cuts down on the time needed for each weighbridge transaction, streamlining the weighing process and saving you valuable time. Herbst Software have created this easy to use module to integrate fully with your accounts cutting out the need for duplication and and giving you a up to the minute stautus of your weighbridge operations.
The key features found within this module are,

  • Automatically enforce credit control at the weigh station
  • Check and authorise weight documents for invoicing
  • Easily convert weight documents to invoices
  • Simple weighbridge interface for fast data entry
  • Invoices drill down to original weight documents
  • Real time management information
  • Facility to restrict access to sensitive information
  • Support mandatory fields, test results and haulage
  • Specialised driver operated touch screen kiosk interface

weighbridge software
Herbst Insight have created this module to integrate fully with your accounts system giving you a completely comprehensive software solution that helps you manage your entire business with ease and efficiency. This module can be found in many sites across the country from busy grain wholesalers and food producers to manufacturing companies, quarries and recycling sites. If you would like to find out more about the features of this module from Herbst Software or for references from any site which has been using this solution to streamline their processes, then feel free to contact us at our Limerick office at 061 211444 or our Dublin office at 01 5310030 or just email us directly at info@hybridtp.ie.