Herbst Insight – Weighbridge

Herbst Insight Weighbridge Integrated
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Herbst Insight – Weighbridge

I have discussed in previous posts about Herbst Insights ERP software, the importance of having integration of third party hardware technologies with the main software system. I have written about integrating mobile technology, CTI telephony, and Evercams security camera system. Herbst introduced a complete weighbridge module a few years back that has been used to great success by some of the largest Food, Grain, Recycling and Quarry companies in the UK and Ireland.

Herbst Insight or any other business management software can connect to any electric output weighbridge or manual weight inputs. This weighbridge module together with the Warehouse tracking system can be independent or can be fully integrated into Insights business management package. With one click, you can then convert a weigh document into a delivery document, or an invoice, avoiding repetitive data entry.

  • Manual or Automatic weighing

    Having loads, weighed on site can speed the process and cuts down on data entry errors.

  • Pricing parameters

    Different prices for different clients allowing easy configuration within the software.

  • Automatic Calculation / Deduction Calculation

    You can specify that the quantity and the weight of each unit be recorded. Deductions can be allowed and recorded for reporting on later. Quantity for pallets and containers can also be recorded.

  • Haulier tracking

    The haulier’s details are taken from a pick list and the drivers details including registration and trailer number are recorded and carried on forward and attached to the invoice at the end. Full drill down into the history of each transaction carried out.

    Herbst Insight Weighbridge Integrated

  • Consignee tracking

    The consignee is selected from a pick list in the weigh document, and all information is tracked throughout the history of this weight up until it is invoiced.

  • Time recording

    Time of the weigh transaction as well of all movements and modifications to the inventory is recorded and can be accessed by the security logs.

  • Weigh only

    The system can operate on its own without the need for integration with another software system.

  • Full user rights control

    Admin can easily prove access controls to staff members.

  • Control movement of stocks

    Stock items can be flagged and tracked once they are weighed in and added to the system. These goods can then be tracked and you can see where they are located at all times.

    All of the information that is entered at the time of the weight can then be retrieved, tracked, and reported on at a later stage.

  • Full reporting facility

    Herbst Insight offers numerous reporting capabilities from on screen customisable views to list printouts to pre-configured, but highly customizable reports.

  • Camera Integration

    With the integration of Evercam, users can capture a visual record of every transaction for better dispute resolution, traceability, and transparency.

    Companies all over the UK and Ireland have used Herbst Insight, our software partner, to grow their business. Their Weighbridge module is just one of the many features of this innovative business management software. If you would like to find out more about an integrated software solution can help your business then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 1800 911 000.

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