Herbst Insight – Relationship & Marketing

Herbst Insight - Relationship & Marketing
Herbst Insight – Relationship & Marketing

If you have a busy sales and marketing department, one of the most frustrating aspects to managing your sales pipelines is not having access to rich, detailed and factual business information on which you can make accurate forecasting decisions. With this in mind, Herbst Software, have created Herbst Insight a powerful set of tools that offers much more than your standard CRM but  instead gives you a powerful analytical tool providing you with access to vital business information, giving you the edge when it comes to forecasting and profiling.

Herbst Insight have created this tool to work within their powerful Business Management Software, a powerful modular based ERP system, that covers all aspects of your business operations and gives you a unique insight into your day to day operations. Within Herbst Insight is a powerful customer and supplier relationship management feature that gives easy access to relevant factual information from any ledger to identify opportunities. Think of no longer having to beg others for the data you need for you sales and marketing activities, now with Insight you can pull all the information you need as and when you need it.
The key features of Herbst Insights Relationship and Marketing tools are,

  • Manage sales pipelines effectively
  • Record, track and retrieve correspondence with ease
  • Organize customers to identify opportunities
  • Use real time data to highlight lost sales
  • Effective account management tools
  • Targeted campaigning via email fax or snail-mail
  • Use SMS promotions to send details to relevant customers
  • Differentiate between different types of correspondence
  • Follow up, schedule and map activities on a shared calendar

Herbst Insight – Relationship & Marketing
Herbst Insight has been making business simple for many companies and organisations across the country for many years. It’s designed to be modular allowing you build exactly what you need when you need it. All this takes place within a consolidated software platform that gives you complete control over all aspects of your business.
If you would like to find out more about Herbst Software in general or learn more about the relationship and marketing features then feel free to contact us on 061 211444 or 1800-911000 or email us at info@hybridtp.ie

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