Herbst Insight Relationship and Marketing – More than Just a CRM

Relationship & Marketing CRM
The goal of every company engaged in a sales process is developing a strong connection with your customers and suppliers that can lead to ongoing business opportunities. With this in mind, having a strong customer and supplier relationship management tool is crucial for managing those busy sales pipelines and demanding suppliers.

This is where the Relationship and Marketing module for Herbst Software’s Business management software,

Insight, can help manage this side of your business effectively. It is more than just a standard CRM; it is a marketing and account management tool that is fully integrated with your whole business. No longer do your sales and marketing department continuously have to beg for the data they need to drive their sales campaigns and marketing activities, now they can have easy access to relevant factual information from any ledger to identify opportunities.
Some the modules key features are,

  • Manage sales pipelines effectively with up to date real time information that can be arranged in views that are easy to comprehend.
  • Record, track, and retrieve correspondence with ease allowing you to manage your customer accounts with ease.
  • Organize your customers easily to identify new sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Use real-time data with instant access to stock availability & other account related activity.
  • Effective account management tools that allows you to group, classify, and organise you customers and suppliers.
  • Targeted marketing of new product lines via email, fax, or snail-mail or SMS.
  • Use SMS promotion to send details to your customers.
  • Customise your telesales interface for quick and easy order entry with live dispatch details and account history visible on the customers account.
  • Follow up, Schedule and map activities on a shared calendar.

Herbst Insight offers your company a fully comprehensive software solution that not only looks after any SME’s sales and marketing needs it cover all aspects of your company’s operations. If you would like to talk further about Herbst Insight and you would like to find out more about how an integrated software solution can help your business, then contact us here at Hybrid TP on 061-211444 or 1800-911000

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