Herbst Insight –Helping You Avoid Duplicate Data Entry with weighbridges

Herbst Insight: Removal of duplicate data/paper entries

Herbst Insight –Helping You Avoid Duplicate Data Entry

One of the most mundane and unproductive tasks you can engage in is the practice of entering the same data in multiple places. Whether it is an isolated system, cut adrift from the stock inventory and nominal ledger, the need to balance the books at the end of the day makes this a necessary hindrance to your business.
If you take in the human factor and consider how your client or customer can sometimes be let down by either inefficiencies in your stock/sales/delivery processes, or clerical errors made due the overwhelming abundance of various pieces of data relating to the same item, then looking at streamlining these tasks with technology can be a win-win situation for both the company and the staff.
Herbst Insight: Removal of duplicate data/paper entries 2
The purpose, of integrating these isolated systems, is to eliminate the need for the repetitive task of duplicate data entry. The use of software and technology has helped greatly in reducing this problem over the past few decades. One practical example of how this reduction in work can be seen in how goods and services are delivered and tracked a modern ERP like Herbst Insight. The days of duplicate docket books, manually signing for receipts, logging of dispatch and return dockets, are long gone, and are a fully automated feature of a modern ERP system.
This technology has changed dramatically however over the last few years and is now an affordable solution’s for SME’s. One example of how this has helped small local business is in the use of integrating a ticketing kiosk and weighbridge into the businesses ERP. The automating of the weighbridge module together with the warehouse tracking part of the ERP can lead to a huge increase in efficiency. With one click, you can then convert a weigh document into a delivery document, or an invoice, avoiding repetitive data entry. Camera integration can be used to capture a visual record of every transaction for better dispute resolution, traceability, and transparency.
The weighbridge integration can come stand-alone or part of an overall business management software Package. This package can help you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. We have written extensively in our blogs about the impact it can make on your business. We offer a fully comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software solution. Herbst Insight ERP is a one-stop software system for all your business information requirements.
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