Herbst Insight – Backup Scheduler

Herbst Insight – Backup Scheduler

Data Backup SchedulerHerbst Insight is a modular based ERP/ Business Management software system that allows you to tailor this innovative business software to your specific business needs. When it comes to your companies data, having a robust and reliable backup service in place in the case of a system failure is crucial. This is where Herbst Softwares Back up Scheduler can give you the peace of mind by providing a fully comprehensive backup utility that ensures your data is backed up and kept secure.
Herbst Software’s Backup Scheduler is an advanced utility that copies, encrypts and stores your database automatically in a secure manner and reduces the human dependency from the important task of doing daily backups.
Herbst Backup Scheduler offers you automated backups. The program monitors the source files in the prescribed time and keeps the backup storage updated with the source files. It runs in the background with no user interaction. So, once the scheduling is enabled, you always have a backup copy of your data. Some of the key features of this module are,

  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Specialised utility for database management
  • Checks the integrity of the database
  • Differentiate between monthly and daily backups
  • Have your own off-site secure vault to store backups
  • Automatically email status report for backup

Herbst Software have developed a total business solution created with modern business in mind. It has developed a broad range of features including accounting, finance management, bank and cash flow management, logistics and haulage, stock management, point of sale and pricing. All this, plus a true real time insight into all your day to day sale, finance management and operations.
At Hybrid Technology Partners we have successfully implemented this software solution with great success in many companies across the country. We would be happy to offer our insight and experience to anyone interested in a business management solution. If your interested in talking further about how Herbst Insight can bring real change to your day to day business operations then feel free to call us on 061 211444 or 1800-911000.

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