Herbst Insight – Assembly and Manufacturing Tools Integrated with Your Accounts

Business Management Software – Assembly and Manufacturing tools Integrated with Your Accounts
Herbst - Assembly & Manufacturing Tools Integrated with Your Accounts

When it comes to manufacturing companies, having a fully integrated approach to your business can make a profound difference to the way you work. With integration you can manage the manufacturing side of the business keeping track of costs like parts and labour whilst having a complete overview of your day to day operations. Herbst Software have created a fully integrated Business Management Software system that does just this and more. Herbst Insight has been created to be a platform for an all-encompassing software solution for managing your entire business from the manufacturing floor to the front of house.

Insight is built on a modular platform that allows you to configure the software to exactly fit you needs. One of the strongest features for manufacturing companies is the assembly tools features found within the software that gives you complete control over the various aspects of your manufacturing processes. These tools allow you to formulate, schedule, capture, track and manage your manufacturing processes giving a comprehensive manufacturing management tool that integrates fully with your nominal ledgers and accounts.
Some of the key features of the assembly and manufacturing tools are,

  • Schedule work orders
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) with version control
  • Integrated parts planning
  • Capture Labour costs
  • Automatically incorporate cost of materials
  • Integrated ingredients batch tracking
  • Touch screen kiosk interface
  • Integrated report writer

Herbst - Assembly & Manufacturing Tools Integrated with Your Accounts
All these features are just a small part of the overall system which brings a complete business management solution to your whole business. This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/business management software solution empowers the user to make informed and accurate decisions, with vision and control of the present status, and creative planning for the future by viewing the most critical areas of your business. It’s somewhat like having an accountant and management consultant on your desktop, bringing the information flowing in your direction. If you would like to find out more about Herbst Insights features or find out about any of the benefits of this innovative software tool can have for your business then give us a call 061 211444 or 1800-911000 or email us at info@hybridtp.ie

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