Herbst Insight – An Integrated Solution for Benchmarking Performance


Within Herbst Insights business management software lies a powerful reporting tool that’s specifically created to give you business information, like sales and budgets targets, as and when you need it. Think of replacing the amount of spreadsheets needed to ensure your sales targets are being met and your budgets being tracked. Herbst Insight has created an Advanced Budgets and Targets tool to help organise your business information into focussed, coherent data that can be acted upon.

Herbst Insight offers an integrated solution that reports to management with the variations between actual and expected performance benchmarks. Insight automates the process and greatly reduces the number of external spreadsheets used in tracking this vital business information. Think of having a sales report, with your sales reps targets clearly displayed, giving you an insight into how you approach your monthly sales meeting. With Herbst Insight this information is at your finger tips.
With Herbst Insight the key features of the advanced budgeting and targets tool are,

  • Assign budgets and targets to your specific suppliers and accounts.
  • Set your budgets/targets to specific business periods.
  • Set quantity, margin or value amounts easily.
  • Assign budgets/targets to managers.
  • Nominal budgets do not conflict with sales targets.
  • Nominal budgets can be st at a departmental level.
  • Easily identify under performing accounts.
  • Create standard reports with an inbuilt report writer.

At Hybrid Technology Partners, we have been using Herbst Insights powerful advanced budgets and targets features to keep track of our own sales performance to ensure we are always on track. Herbst Insight offer you a complete advanced budgets and targets management tool to keep track of your performance benchmarks which ultimately leads to a better sales process. Insights powerful benchmarking feature is just a small part of this innovative business management software system. If you would like to find out more about how this business software solution can be of benefit in managing the day to day operations of your whole business, why not contact us at 061 211444 – 1800-911000 or email us at info@hybridtp.ie.
Why not watch the video testimonial below about how we implemented Herbst Insight for the medical company, CelgenTek.

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