Herbst Insight – Advanced Budgets and Targets

Advanced Budgets and Targets

One of the most important information tools that your Business management software platform can give is valuable and actionable business information that gives your an edge when it comes to forecasting and meeting sales and production targets. Herbst Insight has created an Advanced Budgets and Targets tool to help organise your business information into focussed, coherent data that can be acted upon.

Herbst Insight provides an integrated solution that reports to management with the variations between actual and expected performance benchmarks. Herbst Insight automates the process completely and greatly reduces the number of external spreadsheets required in preparing reports that contains the information you want displayed. Herbst Insight also allows you assign budgets and targets to specific suppliers and customers and allows you to easily identify under performing accounts.
The key features of Herbst Insights advanced budget and targets are,

  • Assign budgets/targets to specific suppliers & customers.
  • Budgets/targets are set to business periods.
  • Set quantity, margin and vale amounts.
  • Budgets/targets can be assigned to managers.
  • Nominal budgets do not conflict with Sales targets.
  • Nominal budgets can be set at departmental level.
  • Easily identify under performing accounts.
  • Comes with standard reports and reports writer.

Herbst Software have developed a total business solution, Herbst Insight, created with modern business in mind. It has developed a broad range of features including accounting, finance management, bank and cash flow management, logistics and haulage, stock management, point of sale and pricing. All this, plus a true real time insight into all your day to day sale, finance management and operations.
At Hybrid Technology Partners we have successfully implemented this software solution, Herbst Insight, with great success in many companies across the country. We would be happy to offer our insight and experience to anyone interested in a business management solution. If your interested in talking further about how Herbst Insight can bring real change to your day to day business operations then feel free to call us on 061 211444 or 1800 911 000.

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