Herbst Distribution: The Complete Business Solution

Herbst Distribution – The Complete Business Solution for Distribution

Herbst, Complete Business Solution for Distribution

Herbst Insight is a completely modular software system developed to cover a wide range of features with modules that can be added as required. At its core, Insight is a powerful business management tool with the ability to add specific modules as and when the need arises. When it comes to distribution, Herbst have developed a fully comprehensive business management software solution that offers all the software components needed to help you operate your business efficiently and effectively.

Herbst Insight allows you to run your business more effectively by empowering management with a complete solution that eliminates duplication and facilitates automation. Insight provides you with up to the minute status of any aspect of your business allowing you to produce real time reports and comes complete with a real time P&L with drill down to all original documents giving you a complete overview of how your business is running.
When it comes to your sales, stock control and dispatch, Insight provides real-time and relevant information where needed. Insight comes with a quick and intuitive telesales interface for managing your quotes and orders and simplifies and automates much of your dispatch routines. Insight caters for multiple units of measure per product as well as providing comprehensive traceability, stock control and management controls. Insight can also be fully integrated with your trade counter Point of Sale.
When it comes to operations and accounts you can find within Herbst Insight a powerful account management tool for managing customer relations and correspondence. Within Insight you can also find a powerful sales, telesales and marketing functionality giving you the ability to be proactive when it comes to managing credit control, cash flow and interest charging. Insight also supports multi-currency transactions and credit card authorisation.
The modular ability of Herbst Insight allows you to add more functionality as needed. At its core is a comprehensive integrated business management solution and with the ability to add more modules as needed giving you the added functionality and scalability required.
At Hybrid Technology Partners, we have been VAR’s for Herbst Insight for a number of years. We’ve implemented this business management software into companies looking to streamline their business processes, automate procedures and empower their workforce with real time actionable information. If you would like to find out more about Herbst Insight and the benefits it can bring to your business then feel free to call us at 061 211444 or 1800-911000 or email us at info@hybridtp.ie.

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